Party Supply Ideas for a Mardi Gras Birthday

by Tamiya King

If your birthday is during Mardi Gras season (from early February to mid March), or simply love the bright colors and beaded decor that comes with this historic celebration, then it's time for a Mardi Gras-themed birthday party. You can find a number of supplies you need to make the party scene come alive at your local craft store, but there is also some decor you can create to further customize the event.


Adorn the table in purple, green, and gold shades for your Mardi Gras birthday event. These are the official hues of the celebration, representing justice, faith and power, respectively. For instance, choose a Kelly green tablecloth, and a purple silk or cotton strip of fabric to drape over the center of the table. Place a gold-colored centerpiece on the table made of feathers and pearls, as these images are commonly seen during Mardi Gras -- beads thrown from the Mardi Gras parade floats, and feathers adorn the masks party-goers wear.

Wall Art

Enlarge photos that you and your friends took at Mardi Gras parades in years past, and frame them in gold, purple or green plastic frames to hang on the wall for the party. Or, purchase posters of jazz greats like Miles Davis and Duke Ellington to adorn the walls and bring the spirit of New Orleans to the Mardi Gras party.

Additional Accents

Add more texture and some tasty treats to the Mardi Gras birthday celebration that fit the theme. Fill clear glass vases with gold, green or purple gumballs or circular candies to resemble beads for attractive decorations that your guests can eat. Or, drape strings of plastic pearls in the Mardi Gras colors to the back of each chair at the table for additional decoration. These make the area especially festive, and your guests can take these items home as well.

Party Favors

Even though your guests can take home some of the decor you've used for the Mardi Gras birthday celebration, put together a gift bag filled with treats that will help them to remember the event fondly. For instance, include moon pies, iced with your birth date, in colored plastic wrap, along with plastic costume jewelry, like rings with purple, emerald or gold synthetic stones that match the beads. If the party is relatively small, create a Mardi Gras mask for each of your guests. Purchase plain masks from the craft store, and adorn them in each person's favorite colors of glitter and feathers.

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