Party Ranches in Dallas, Texas

by Ana Purna
Rolling ranch land venues play host to parties of all kinds in and around Dallas.

Rolling ranch land venues play host to parties of all kinds in and around Dallas.

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In Texas, everything is big, and this might be said to go double in Dallas. The party ranch is a popular option for large corporate events, private parties and group retreats. Dallas sits within easy reach of north Texas' lush ranch land, and many venues can be rented with all the amenities you need to make your party memorable.

Double D Ranch

Double D Ranch (, 10 minutes east of downtown Dallas, has been catering to Texas-size ranch parties since 1987. The property, with its rolling fields and private lake, give guests the feeling of being way out in the country, although the big city is just down the road. Double D party ranch can accommodate groups from a few dozen up to 5,000 and provides catering services and professional entertainment from around the region.

Park Lane Ranch

Nestled within the north section of the city, Dallas' Park Lane Ranch ( is a full-service local party ranch with air-conditioned facilities and outdoor grounds, for a comfortable party in any season. The Park Lane has a Western theme, in keeping with local traditions, but the staff and party coordinators can design the space to address any theme you like. The extensive grounds of this party ranch are dotted with amusements for party guests of all ages. Amenities include a miniature golf course, manicured soccer field, beach and grass volleyball courts and batting cages

Swingin' D Ranch

This family-owned party ranch just north of Dallas provides classic Texas ranch country atmosphere. The Swingin' D ( can accommodate parties of up to 500, but however intimate your event, the ranch has a policy of hosting only one event at a time. The activities at Swingin' D are of the traditional ranching variety, with horseshoes, hayrides, a petting barnyard, fishing, and mule-drawn carriages among others. Weddings, weekend reunions and corporate events are the Swingin' D's specialty.

The Ranch of Lonesome Dove

The Ranch of Lonesome Dove ( lies just outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, but its extensive grounds provide an atmosphere akin to the open range. Located on Lake Grapevine, the Ranch of Lonesome Dove keeps its lawns and fields trim for aesthetics and ease of use. The Ranch of Lonesome Dove specializes in Texas-style weddings, with an air-conditioned chapel that seats about 100 and extensive dining and dancing areas for many hundred more. The ranch offers package deals for various sizes and types of events, including catering, entertainment and other necessities for your party.

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