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17-Year-Old Outdoor Party Games

Most 17-year-olds have outgrown birthday parties with a theme; however, they can still have a good time playing games at a party. Appease your teen with a variety of outdoor games that will give the guests a chance to mingle, possibly make new friends and earn prizes. Convince the teenagers to play along by awarding prizes like small electronics and gift cards to all winners.

1940s & 1950s Party Decorations for the Military

The 1940s saw the end of World War II and the 1950s hosted the Korean War. Both eras brought many soldiers home who had been abroad, and patriotism skyrocketed during these eras, especially since it seemed like everyone had helped contribute to the war effort. Women and minorities stepped up and kept the country's economy going while men were off fighting in Europe and Asia. Military parties themed from these decades are easy to pull off if you have the right atmosphere and music.

1950s Milk Bar Themed Party

Milk bars originated in Australia in the 1930s but didn't catch on in the United States till the 1950s. They generally featured a selection of ice cream, chocolate and other treats as well as jukeboxes, pinball machines and newspapers. Milk bars were a place kids could congregate without parental worry about alcohol consumption as only soda and non-alcoholic beverages were served at such establishments. Throw your own milk bar party, complete with lots of dessert options and plenty of '50s music.

Tactful Ways to Ask for Money for a Retirement Party at Work

Employees who are retiring will want their retirement party to be perfect. The company will often help pay for this party, but the employee might want to ask the employer just to make sure. When asking about money, it's important to be as tactful as possible to avoid an awkward exchange.

4 Wheeler Party Themes

Children love to let their birthday party be a celebration of their favorite things. Many children love four wheelers because they are exciting, and because children can typically operate them years before they are able to drive a car. Finding party accessories and ideas for a four-wheeler party can be tricky, but with a bit of creativity, you can create a wonderful birthday party for your little four-wheeling fan.

5th Grade Classroom Holiday Party Games

Holidays are a fitting excuse to mix up learning with games and activities, reminding students that school is both a place to learn and have fun. Each holiday has its own symbolism and traditions that help frame the activities and provide opportunities to build in teachable moments in the fifth grade classroom such as the origin of a holiday's traditions and customs.

5th Grade Valentine's Day Party Food

A time for sharing love, gifts, chocolates and friendship, Valentine's Day is important to both children and adults. As fifth grade students begin to figure what life is all about with body changes and the addition of hormones, celebrating Valentine's Day through a party offers children a positive way to express their emotions. Make the party complete by providing a selection of heart-themed food to nourish young guests as they pass out their own special treats and messages to loved ones.

Help With a 60th Surprise Party

While other birthdays like a 50th or 75th birthday might receive more attention, the 60th birthday signals that turn toward retirement years. Plan your surprise birthday party around the person, not the surprise element. As you plan, talk to family and friends in order to put together the type of birthday celebration that will not only surprise but provide many positive and lasting memories.

6th Grade Valentine's Party Ideas

In the sixth grade, kids are starting to develop crushes on each other for the first time, and Valentine's Day is fraught with emotion. While some kids might receive candies and flowers from the objects of their affection, others might not. As their teacher, do your best to make sure that all of your students have a good Valentine's Day with some games. While you're at it, turn Valentine's Day into an event that's not only fun, but educational!

70's Flower Power Party Theme Ideas

From the self-proclaimed "Summer of Love" movement in 1967 stretching into the early 1970s, the idea of "flower power" reverberated through society. Peace, love and groovin' co-existed with sex, drugs and rock and roll as the mantra and identity for a whole generation of young people -- and those who wanted to be identified with the young people. Love beads, bell bottoms, tie-die, Nehru jackets, and long, straight hair (for guys and gals) set the fashion scene while, the soundtrack was provided by artists such as the folk sound of Peter, Paul and Mary through the wailing guitars and voices of Jefferson Airplane. Ideas for a Flower Power party come from many sources that made the culture what it was.

70's Party Costumes

The 1970s was a tumultuous decade when disco ruled, polyester was popular and the changes of the sexual revolution began to take hold. Thanks to the decade's propensity for outlandish clothes, the 1970s also provide plenty of inspiration come Halloween. To find suitable gear, scour local thrift stores for cheap costume pieces and save big in the process.

'70s Party Favors & Props

While the early 1970s were all about peace, love and flower power, the late '70s scene was more about the glitz and glam of disco. When planning a '70s theme party, choose between hippies and "Saturday Night Fever," or mix them both together for a full decade of fun.

'80s & '90s Hip-Hop Party Themes

One enjoyable party idea is an '80s or '90s hip-hop theme. Not only will these themes provide a welcome change from the typical and expected get-together, but everyone will enjoy rapping along with and getting nostalgic about their favorite hip-hop songs from yesteryear.

'80s Rock Party Themes

An '80s rock party theme promises partygoers a head-banging, hardcore good time. With its outrageous fashion, loud electronics-infused music and plethora of rock idols, the 1980s is the perfect era for a theme party. So blare that Duran Duran, put on your leg warmers and get ready for a party you'll never forget.

85th Milestone Party Themes

An 85th birthday is a momentous event with tender overtones. Guests gather with respect, wonder and recognition of a life experience most hope to enjoy. Show the honored birthday person your respect by choosing an appropriate theme. Keep his personality in mind so he knows you have been paying attention to him throughout the years. Make simple, yet elegant, arrangements that will not overwhelm, but will move the 85-year-old with your kind attention.

9-Year-Old Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Children love birthday parties with creative activities. You can surprise your 9-year-old son or daughter with an exciting scavenger hunt during the birthday party. Indoors or outdoors, you can make the party a hit with your child and all the party guests with a little preparation. Whether you provide detailed lists or item characteristics, the kids will enjoy competing for the prize and will learn cooperative skills in the process.

Acquaintance Party Themes

Everyone looks forward to parties, but sometimes when the planning falls to you, it can be difficult to choose a theme -- especially if you are hosting an event for a group of acquaintances, rather than close friends content to watch movies together in their pajamas. Even so, you can throw a memorable party, not only showing your guests a good time but cultivating quality mingling and new friendships.

Activities for a 1st Grade Halloween Party

Children enjoy dressing up in costumes, attending parties and and receiving candy on Halloween. Hold a Halloween activities for your first-grade students that will educate them about the origins of Halloween and let them celebrate its pageantry. Include history lessons, costume pageants and pumpkin decorating contests.

Activities For an Adult House Party, Such As Water Balloons and Strobe Lights

An invitation to a house party usually indicates the guests will stay overnight, or perhaps several nights, at the host's residence. House party hosts may spend several months planning their event, or it may be a spontaneous soiree. No matter the expected duration, be sure your guests know what to expect in advance.