Party Planning for Mardi Gras Games

by Mary Corbin
Use colorful beads as party favors for your next Mardi Gras party.

Use colorful beads as party favors for your next Mardi Gras party.

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When planning your next Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday party, consider creating a few games that both adults and children can play. Games gives your guests the opportunity to mingle, win prizes and meet new friends. Keep your guests entertained not only with the food you have prepared, but also with a few game ideas. Award prizes like temporary tattoos and colorful beads and masks to those who win.

Tossing Games

Place gold, purple, and green cups on a table. Write point values on each cup. Have the children stand 5 feet away from the table and the adults 10 feet. Give each player 10 gold-wrapped chocolate coins to toss into the cups. The child and adult players who get the most points win the game. Try moving the cups around in different positions to challenge the players. Alternatively, use beads and ask the guests to try to toss them over the cups. Award the beads to winners and let your guests eat the chocolate coins.

Scavenger Hunt

Hide several strands of beads around the party. Tell your guest to go find as many beads as they can and to place them around their necks before the music stops. The player with the most beads when the music ends wins the game. For another hunt idea, bake a traditional Mardi Gras "king cake" and hide a plastic baby inside. The guest who finds the baby is the winner and gets to pick the next song.

Guessing Games

Play a guessing game like word scramble or charades. For word scramble, write words like "Bourbon Street," "feather," "mask," "king," "queen" and "cake" on a sheet of paper, with the letters mixed up. The first player to unscramble all the words wins. Set this game up separately for adults and kids. Use simple words for the children. For a game of charades, split the guests into two teams. Have each team pick one person from their group. Give that person a piece of paper with a word on it related to the Mardi Gra holiday, like "Fat Tuesday," for example. That person must act out the words on the paper while their teammates guess the words or phrases. The team to guess the most correct phrases wins.

Masquerade Mask Contest

Decorating masquerade masks for Mardi Gras is an activity in which both adults and children can participate. Plan ahead to purchase supplies such as rhinestones, paint, glitter, glue, glitter pens, markers and feathers from a craft store. Prepare a table and lay out all the craft supplies. Award prizes for the funniest, most outrageous and most creative masks. Tell your guests to wear their masks during the party and while playing other games.

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