Party Planning Ideas for Administrative Assistants Week

by Shannon Lee
Administrative assistants are key members of every business organization.

Administrative assistants are key members of every business organization.

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Administrative assistants occupy some of the most important positions in many companies. While it may be easy to overlook the countless small and large tasks they accomplish on an every day basis, great administrative assistants are essential to the smooth and functional organization of every office. A great way to recognize their hard work is to throw an Administrative Assistants Week party.


The most significant reason for throwing an Administrative Assistants Week party is to ensure that your assistants feel honored and to let them know you appreciate the work they do. Thus said, put some effort into the invitations you distribute rather than just spreading the invite via word of mouth. While paper invitations may be a bit over the top, a very tasteful online invitation can be sent using a regular office email system such as Microsoft Outlook.


Keeping in mind that the objective of this party is to make your assistants feel valued, consider holding the party in a venue other than your everyday office space. If budget permits, hold the party in a small reception hall or even an outdoor area such as a park or green space that is available for private rental. Alternatively, you may choose a venue that also offers an activity, such as a rock climbing facility or a spa.

Decorations and Refreshments

The venue you choose for your Administrative Assistants Week party will likely determine the decorations and refreshments. Keep decorations to a minimum but include items such as balloons, napkins or wall hangings that include wording such as "Thank You!" and "Great Job!." Refreshments should coincide with the type of party you are having as well as the party space. An outdoor cocktail party should feature beer, wine and a punch as well as some hors d'oeuvres. A party held at a reception hall should feature a heartier menu that includes a main meal.


Gifts are sometimes a touchy subject when it comes to employee-employer relations but an Administrative Assistants Week party is one occasion where it is perfectly acceptable for an employer to present her employee with a gift with the expectation of reciprocation. Obvious options for assistant gifts include flowers or a fruit basket, which are always appreciated. However, upscale business related items like classy business cards or nameplates are thoughtful ideas as well. Alternatively, a paid membership to a professional organization or a gift certificate for a training seminar are also useful assistant gifts.

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