Party Invitation Quotes

by Benna Crawford

Set the tone for a memorable celebration with a few humorous lines to brighten up the invitation. Quotes from literature or from famous people can be attention-getters, but tailor a borrowed quote to your event with a custom message, as well. Be sure to include the basic information: date, time, reason for event, response contact and address. An elegant, printed invitation with an ironic or silly quote is clever. A wildly colorful or original graphic might underscore the choice of quote.

Birthday Party

Birthdays for people of a certain age are perfect occasions for funny invitations and a little self-deprecating humor. Try: "There is still no cure for the common birthday" by John Glenn. Inside the card or under the quote, add, "So forget the chicken soup. Come help us celebrate with something stronger." Then print party details. Or use a line from the queen of comedy to announce a senior birthday bash: "The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age," by Lucille Ball. Inside, write, "I intend to start doing that as soon as I reach 40 -- eat more slowly, that is. Come kick up your heels with the rest of the kids at my perennial 39th birthday bash."

Tea Party

What's a tea party without a Mad Hatter? Rhyming invites are fun and put you in touch with the greeting card muse. Use a drawing of a tea cup and a wild hat on the front of the card with a line from Lewis Carroll: "Twinkle twinkle little bat! How I wonder what you're at ... Up above the world you fly Like a tea tray in the sky ..." Inside the invitation should read: "Come for tea and wear a hat There'll be cakes to make you fat." Add a picture of a cupcake or a scone and the party details, including dress, with an R.S.V.P., of course.

Retirement Party

Whether you're happy or sad about retiring, you might as well celebrate. Rueful humor is one approach, like this line from an anonymous retiree: "Retirement: No job. No Stress. No Pay." Inside conclude with, "Best job I never had. Come help me celebrate before the retirement fund runs out." Or, be inspirational with a loud, splashy pool party and some over-the-top entertainment. Include this quote from William James on the invitation: "To change one's life: 1. Start immediately 2. Do it flamboyantly 3. No exceptions." Inside the invitation, write, "Leave your decorum at the door. Red and purple clothing suggested -- or that loud Hawaiian shirt that's buried in the back of your closet. Entry in wet t-shirt contest optional."

Graduation Party

You did it -- you're finally finished with high school or that endless college degree. Toss the textbooks in the corner and show off all you've learned with a quote from Shakespeare: "Pleasure and action make the hours seem short." Inside the card, write, "Come spend a few hours wallowing in nostalgia before the job search starts on Monday." Decorate the invitation with really bad yearbook photos or a sketch of a grad panhandling on a street corner with an empty mortarboard set out for donations.

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