Party Ideas for Pre School Girls

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Little ones need activities to keep them busy at birthday parties.

Little ones need activities to keep them busy at birthday parties.

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Throwing a unique and memorable birthday party for a pre-school girl can seem challenging and overwhelming. With a little work and creativity, you can put together an exciting luau, frilly tea party or ballet extravaganza that your daughter and her friends are sure to love and talk about for days to come.

Tea Party

Little girls love to do "grown-up" activities, and a tea party is sure to be a big hit. Print invitations to the party on cards shaped like teacups. Have a rack of dress-up clothes, including fancy hats, lacy gloves, silky scarves and pearl necklaces that the girls can put on as they enter. Place flowers in teapots for centerpieces; send the guests home with an inexpensive plastic tea cup filled with nail polish and lip gloss. Since traditional tea party fare might not be popular among young party guests, adapt accordingly. Serve crust-less sandwiches with white bread and cheese, miniature cupcakes and chocolate-covered strawberries. Use lemonade rather than tea.

Dolly and Me

Invite each girl to bring her favorite doll to her birthday party. If possible, dress your daughter and her doll in matching party dresses. Set a place for the girls and their dolls around the table (ask other moms if you may borrow doll-sized high chairs for the occasion). Display porcelain dolls or other dolls belonging to your daughter around the table. Serve plastic cupcakes to the dolls when serving the cake. For games, play "Pin the Pacifier on the Baby" or take a picture of each guest with her doll and let them decorate a frame for it using craft sticks, beads and glitter. For favors, give guests a doll-themed gift such as a set of paper dolls. Or, consider providing a small take-home item for the dolls, such as a colorful bottle or hat.

A Ballerina Bash

Add a special touch to these party invitations by tying pink tulle around the invites. Your daughter should dress as a ballerina and have tutus for her guests to wear upon arrival. Use pink and white balloons and tulle to decorate. For games, play musical chairs using popular ballet music, or hire a ballet instructor to teach a few steps to the guests. Use a ballet shoe-shaped cookie cutter to create mini sandwiches to serve, along with mini croissants, strawberry ice cream and pink punch. For party favors, wrap pink tights, bracelets and hair barrettes with tulle and tie with a ribbon.

Luau Birthday

Use cardstock in the shape of a palm tree, pineapple or surfboards to print party invitations. Ask guests to wear tropical attire; provide them with a grass skirt and/or lei upon arrival. Decorate using brightly colored plates and napkins, tropical flowers and seashells. For games, have a limbo contest (set to tropical music) and teach the girls a few hula dancing moves. Serve skewers with fruits such as pineapple, mango and papaya. Let guests make their own Hawaiian pizza and be sure to put mini umbrellas in their drinks.

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