Party Ideas for the Man Turning 50

by Melissa Gagnon
Turning 50 is cause for a family celebration.

Turning 50 is cause for a family celebration.

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Fifty is a milestone birthday and deserves a celebration that is fun and memorable. Whether you plan a large get-together or something small and intimate, paying attention to important details can make your party a success. From picking a theme to decorating for the big celebration, have fun planning your guy's 50th birthday celebration.

Party Themes

The theme of the party should be a reflection of the birthday boy's hobbies, interests or personality. You may not want to have an "Over the Hill" theme or any theme that focuses on old age. Instead, parties with themes such as golf, rock and roll or casino night might be more appropriate. If the honoree likes country music, plan a western hoedown or for the outdoors man, have a barbecue celebration. A specialized theme will help you choose your decorations, food and the invitation.

Party Games

Party games are often overlooked at adult parties, but you'd be surprised how much fun (and competition) a few games can create. "The Price is Right" is one game that will have guests thinking back to the year the birthday boy was born. Create a list of commonly used items you can pick up at a supermarket and look up the price it sold for the year the birthday boy was born. Divide your guests into teams or pairs and have them guess the price each item sold for 50 years ago. The teams with the most closest guesses wins. For an icebreaker that will get guests chatting, make a set of trivia questions that relate to events that span the last 50 years. Include some questions pertaining to the birthday boy himself, too. Place trivia cards at each table.

Party Food

When choosing food for your 50th birthday party celebration, keep in mind budget, food safety and theme. You may also want to consider the birthday boy's favorite foods. Choose foods that can be prepared ahead of time, leaving you free to host. For a barbecue theme, set out ribs, baked beans and chili in crock pots and some cold salads in cold chafer dishes. For a Mexican theme, set out the fixins for make-your-own tacos and fajitas. Leave bowls of chips, salsa and guacamole on each table. Keep plenty of drinks in coolers, including sodas, waters and juice.

Party Details

The little details make a great party. You will want to choose music: Either hire a DJ or make a mix of songs to play on your MP3 player. Choose songs that go with your theme or that are favorites of the birthday boy. Decorate using banners, balloons, pictures of the birthday boy growing up and any other colorful things you can find to incorporate with your theme. For example, dangle vinyl records for a rock and roll party. Have guests sign a book and ask them to include a memory about the birthday boy.

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