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Choose a gala band to fit the theme of your evening.

Choose a gala band to fit the theme of your evening.

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Parties and galas featuring a live band provide a great way to raise money for local charities or to celebrate special events. Galas that provide different types of bands throughout the evening help visitors enjoy a variety of music styles and dancing. Most galas have several types of entertainment throughout the evening, but opting for live gala bands instead of a DJ will give your special event extra flair.

Big Bands

Local big bands are available for gala events and are sometimes willing to donate a portion of their time to the gala's cause, if it's a charitable event. If your gala is a wedding reception or other family event, consider using the big band sound for pre-dinner music, and post-dinner dancing. Big bands feature music of the 1920s and '30s, but people of all ages can find something to enjoy with this style of music. Big bands range in size, so talk with your event planner about fitting a big band into your space.

Jazz Quartets

Jazz quartets offer a variety of music without the expense of a larger band. Jazz quartets play modern music, old favorites and often some contemporary tunes the younger crowd may recognize. The benefits of working with a Jazz quartet as your gala band include their flexibility in both size and style. Jazz quartet music works well as pre-dinner entertainment, dinner music or for dancing at the end of the event; and this type of band can set up virtually anywhere.

Country Bands

Country bands lend an interesting twist to special-themed galas. Since most galas are organized to benefit local charities, communities raising money for youth programs, recreation centers and special activities sometimes plan their events around harvest time. These are perfect occasions to enlist the services of country music bands. Using a country music group as your gala band brings both charm and fun to your event. Cap off your evening's entertainment with an old-fashioned square dance or line dance.

Musical Variety

Another option when considering which gala band to choose is to provide a variety of musical options throughout the evening. This is especially appropriate for an event with food stations. While guests enjoy hors d'oeuvres, offer a string quartet. As they move through the dinner line, consider a classical pianist; for dinner and dancing, an oldies band. Each part of the evening will take on a different character and all the guests will find something to enjoy during the gala.

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