Party Ideas for a "Dare to Be Different" Theme

by Malinda Zellman
Expect lots of mischievous grins at your redneck trailer party.

Expect lots of mischievous grins at your redneck trailer party.

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The best parties happen when the hostess attempts daring themes with unexpected ideas. Surprise your guests when you use a twisted theme, choose an unexpected time of day for the party, offer posh, relaxing surroundings to party-weary friends over the holidays, or invite the muckety-muck for a rip-roarin' trailer trash party complete with bonfire. Offbeat ideas keep everyone a little off-balance and fully entertained.

Graduation Parties

It's his day. Dare to serve the foods your grad loves the most, whatever those are -- doughnuts, spinach dip with veggies or your grad's favorite candy bars. Limit the menu to no more than about seven items. Rather than hosting the typical dinner fare, consider a weekend brunch featuring pancakes hot off the griddle or an after-dinner dessert party. You can make the desserts ahead of time or rely on a bakery to simply your preparation.

Kids' Parties

The last thing a person suspects when they go to a kids' party is a lost sock theme. Mary Ann Ross, expert party planner, created this theme for The Party Works website, which she says you can integrate into any kids' party. From foot-shaped party invitations inserted in colorful socks to a "Find the Sock" game where each kid searches for the matching, hidden mate, silliness reigns. Stuff your party favor baggie into a sock for cute take-home gifts. Let each child decorate a foot cookie with colored sugar, icing in a tube, spray-on color and/or sugar shapes decorations.

Christmas Tea Party

Hostessing a Christmas tea party brings a sophisticated element to an otherwise harried time of year. Turn down the lights and enjoy yummy Christmas delectables that waft of gingerbread while enjoying soft, classy Christmas music in the background. Enjoy showcasing your Christmas decorations with all their twinkly lights. Allow guests to experience all this in a relaxed, chatty setting very unlike your typical rowdy, gift-exchanging Christmas party. Pull out the good china, light the candles and brew some spiced tea the "big girls" will enjoy. Encourage togetherness with those you cherish most.

Redneck Trailer Parties

For your uppity friends, host a redneck bonfire party where you chunk in an unneeded piece of furniture when the fire starts to wane. Ladies' dress includes cut-offs with pockets hanging out or miniskirts with slippers and hair rollers. Guys wear overalls with a Skol can in the back pocket. This teeth-optional gatherin' features Christmas lights on the front porch and aluminum foil on the windows. Serve food such as cheese puffs and pigs-in-a-blanket served with RC Cola and moon pies. Listen to country music while you have a spittin' and burpin' contest and wheelbarrow races.

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