Party Ideas for the Classroom in a Kids' Fall Festival

by Jeffery Keilholtz
Cleverly applied makeup makes it easy for kids to dress up for a Halloween party.

Cleverly applied makeup makes it easy for kids to dress up for a Halloween party.

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Party ideas for the classroom in a kids' fall festival make the difference between minor occasions and memorable events. Embrace the fall season by finding new ways to celebrate special events and holidays associated with this time of year. Invite family members and other classes to participate and attend. Use the cool fall weather to host events outdoors and set the mood for the party by displaying decorations throughout the classroom. Get creative with your ideas to boost the enjoyment of students and teachers alike.

Thanksgiving Stories

Use your party to highlight the history of Thanksgiving. Host a theatrical production or put on a puppet show to tell the story of Pilgrims and Indians. Encourage kids to form groups, write plays and put on a Thanksgiving show. Dramatize the historic Thanksgiving meal between American settlers and native tribesmen or present the proclamation by Abraham Lincoln that made Thanksgiving a national holiday.

Eat and Be Merry

No party is complete without the right food. Bring in theme-inspired snacks and treats for everyone to share. Make gingerbread cookies, pumpkin pie or turkey sandwiches to celebrate traditional fall meals. Warm up the day with hot meals. Hot apple cider, warm potato soup and soft pretzels are wise additions to a chilly day filled with outdoor party activities.

Halloween Events

Make the party a Halloween festivity. Give students the opportunity to dress up in costume and exchange treats or candy. Design and play fall-themed games with the class. Try pumpkin-seed tossing -- lining up paper bowls on a table and challenging kids to pitch in as many seeds as possible. Ghost beanbag pitching contests also test students' accuracy. Create cardboard cutouts of ghosts. Cut holes in the mouth of each ghost, prop the cutouts up on tables and keep score by tossing the beanbags through their mouths. Decorate classrooms with orange and black streamers and faux cobwebs to give a Halloween vibe.

Fall Crafts

Add excitement to the day with fall crafts. Allow children to trace their hands on construction paper to make finger-feather turkeys. Let the students shade in each of their "turkeys" and cut them out when complete. Provide students with other craft-making materials, such as glue and tissue paper. Hand out copies of turkey and pumpkin pictures. Ask each student to ball up and glue pieces of tissue paper onto each cutout to give the images a boost of color and three-dimensional texture. Give students the opportunity to take their crafts home or display them proudly throughout the classroom.

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