Party Hints for "The Last Remnant"

by Alexis Rohlin

"The Last Remnant" by Square-Enix is a turn-based battle strategy role-playing game for the Xbox 360. The battle system pairs characters, called units, into unions that fight in large-scale skirmishes on the screen during a battle. There are no random encounters during game play. Each party or union that you put together will have a different combination of skills and hit points, so it helps to know which characters to use and how to use them.

Battle Unions

The Union Board is where you manage your party and set up teams. Unlike most RPGs, "The Last Remnant" battles have individual units that are grouped into unions. Unions share hit points and attack commands. You will have up to five units in each union. After you have recruited a character, you will need to get him ready to fight. You will pick each character that goes into unions and the formation that the characters will take, such as placing a heavy hitter at the front and a spell caster at the back. The formations affect the stats of the union, so you'll want to give them different equipment and change their fighting styles.

Union Commands

During battle, you will give each union commands, from simple orders such as giving support; all-out attack; simple attack; heal; combat arts or mystic arts, which use spells and skills. Battles are fought in rounds. You will give your commands for each round before the unions battle. Keep track of your party's moral meter on the top of the screen. You can get bonuses to speed, defense and attack for good hits. But if you're losing a fight, your units will lose morale, and their fighting skills will lower to make the fight even worse for them.

Union Tips

Hire Athlum soldiers from the Army Recruitment Officer in Athlum's Town Square. Hire a total of 10 people to keep in your pool of units or characters to use in your unions. Keep Rush in the leader slot of one union. Keep Togal or Emma in the other union. Place David and another general in the same union and give them two soldiers.

Leader Characters

You can hire leader characters from guilds to trigger certain events or quests during game play. Fortunately, you don't have to have them in active union during the quest, but they do have to be in your unused backups in your party roster. Hire the leader characters as quick as possible during the game. Talk with them whenever you are in town and when you see them. Often, you will need to talk with them, leave the town and immediately return to it to trigger the event that will give you a quest.

Leaders With Sidequests

The following characters can be hired from guilds: Caedmon in Balterossa; Nora in Athlum; Loki in Athlum; Glenys in Nagapur, after you complete the "Wisdom's Echo" quest; Rhagoh in Calpaleis, after you finish "A Single Soul" quest; and Jager in Athlum Ring of the Labyrith Guild, after you finish "The Fated One" quest.

Enlightened Seven

There are seven "base bosses" that you can recruit from a guild after you have battled them twice. The Enlightened Seven include the twins Hannah and Hinnah, Ludope, Milton, Snievan, Young and Zuido. After you beat Hannah twice, you can recruit her at Balterossa's Union of the Golden Chalice guild. After battling Hinnah a second time, you can recruit her at Nagapur's Union of the Golden Chalice. Ludope can be recruited at the Union of the Golden Chalice in Melphina. Recruit Milton at the Golden Chalice of Royotia. Snievan can be recruited at the Ring of the Labyrinth in Elysion. After battling Young, you can recruit him at Baaluk's Union of the Golden Chalice guild. Recruit Zuido at Ghor's Ring of the Labyrinth.