Party Games for Three Kings Day

by Chelsea Oliver
Three Kings Day marks the end of Christmas celebrations.

Three Kings Day marks the end of Christmas celebrations.

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"Three Kings Day," also known as Epiphany, celebrates the story of Balthasar, Melchior and Caspar, who had traveled from the East by following a star. They found Christ in Bethlehem and presented him with myrrh, frankincense and gold. This holiday takes place on January 6 and marks the end of the Christmas season. For a Three Kings Day party, plan a variety of engaging Christmas games.

Gift Memory Game

To play a game that is fun for all ages, have your party guests sit in a circle on the floor or in chairs. The first player should begin by saying "The Three Kings followed a star to Christ, and they brought him..." and end the sentence with a humorous gift, such as "blooming cactuses." The next player must repeat the sentence, remembering the previous player's gift idea and also adding his own. The first player to make a mistake is out of the game, which continues until there is only one player left.

Pass the Present

"Pass the Present" is a popular party game for the holidays. Before the party starts, wrap a small gift in many layers of different colors and patterns of wrapping paper. Choose a gift that is related to Three Kings Day, such as a piece of fool's gold or figurines of the three kings. The guests then gather in a circle and, as music plays, pass the present around. When the music is stopped, the guest holding the gift removes one layer of wrapping paper. The player who unwraps the final layer gets to keep the gift.

Three Kings Day Drawings

For this party game, hang large sheets of plain paper on the wall. Separate guests into teams of three and provide them with colored markers. Blindfold all of the players and instruct each of them to draw a picture of one of the kings. Once the blindfolds are removed, the players will get a kick out of seeing how jumbled their drawings are. Award small prizes to teams for the best and silliest looking kings.

Three Kings Day Whispers

Play the "Whispers" game with a three kings theme. Prepare a variety of funny phrases in advance, such as "The Three Kings could not recognize their camels because they had turned blue with the cold!" Arrange everyone in a circle and give the first player one of the phrases, which must then be passed throughout the circle via whispers. The last player must then say the phrase out loud, which by then is often very different from the original. This game is sure to provide many laughs for your party guests.

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