Party Games for Mothers and Daughters

by Melissa Gagnon
Playing games together can bring mothers and daughters closer.

Playing games together can bring mothers and daughters closer.

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Mothers and daughters form bonds through spending time together, laughing, talking and playing. At events such as banquets, teas or mother-daughter sleepovers, playing games together can make these special times fun and memorable. If you are hosting a mothers-daughter party, plan several games for mothers and daughters to play together.

The Question Game

Have each mother and daughter pair compete against each other in this fun trivia game. Give all daughters a questionnaire about their moms, with questions such as her favorite color, favorite food, most embarrassing moment and so forth. Meanwhile, have the moms fill in the answers to the same questions on a separate sheet. Have a judge compare the answers to see which mother daughter pair answered the most questions with the same answer. The object of the game is to see how well the daughters know their moms. You can switch and play the other way as well, having the moms fill in the answers about their daughters.

Two Truths and One Lie

This game will have mothers and daughters laughing while they try to trick each other into choosing the wrong answer. Each person must write down two things about themselves that are true, and one thing that is a lie. Each person in the group takes a turn reading the three things they have written down. For example: "I have a dog, my favorite food is peas, and I am afraid to swim". Everyone has a chance to guess which statement is not true. The challenge of this game is to choose obscure facts that may stump even your mother or daughter. This is a great "getting-to-know you game" for groups of moms and daughters.

Mrs. Mumbles

This silly game will have mother sand daughters laughing in no time, despite the object of the game being not to laugh! Players must try not to show their teeth while talking to other players. This means no smiling and laughing. To play, one player will say to the person next to her, "Is Mrs. Mumbles home?" She should talk without showing off her teeth, by curling her lips over her teeth. The next player will answer, "I don't know, I'll ask my neighbor," also while hiding her teeth. The girls continue to pass the questions around, while trying not to show their teeth. The first one to smile or laugh and show their teeth loses.

Mother Daughter Trivia

Guests can play this game in mother and daughter teams. Create a set of trivia questions based on mother and daughter celebrities, television personalities and movie characters. Give each team a pad of paper and a pencil. Call out the trivia questions and have the teams record their answers. After all the questions have been asked, call out the answers and see which team had the most right. Have a tie-breaker question ready in case any teams have the same number of correct responses.

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