Party Games for a Kids' Movie Night

by Amanda Williams
There are several appropriate games for a kids' movie night.

There are several appropriate games for a kids' movie night.

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Keeping children entertained during a party is easy, especially when it's a movie party. But what about before and after the movie? Party games are perfect for keeping energetic kids busy when they're not watching a movie. Party games for a kids' movie night include traditional favorites with a twist.

Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of items you have in your home that appear in the movie that your kids are going to watch. For example, if they're going to watch the Disney movie "Alice in Wonderland," write down 'teacup', 'flower', 'book', 'top hat' and 'deck of cards' on the list. Hide these items around your home in places such as in your dryer, in the bathtub or under a bed. Give each child a copy of the list, set a timer for 10 minutes and allow the children to begin searching for the items. The child who finds most of the items on the list wins.

Movie Pictionary

Divide your party guests into two teams. Each team gets a marker and a large pad of paper. You'll also need a timer or a watch. The first child holding the marker draws an image based on a movie you'll be watching during the party, whether it be a character or a special item seen often during the movie. Her team has to guess what the drawing is in less than a minute. If they guess right, they get a point. If they guess wrong, the next team goes. Switch players until everyone gets a turn to draw.

Movie Charades

Cut up a few pieces of plain paper into small strips. On the strips of paper, ask each party guest to write down at least 10 things to act out, whether it be characters, events or objects from a movie. Fold up all of the papers, place them in a bowl and mix them up. Each child picks out a paper and acts out what the paper says without making any noise. The children watching guess what the actor is doing or who they're portraying. Allow the use of props for even more laughs.

Don't Say It

At the beginning of your movie night, hand out a beaded bracelet or necklace to each child. Announce that for every time a child says a specific word (such as 'movie', 'party' or a movie character's name), they must remove a bead from their bracelet. At the end of the movie, the child who has the most beads left on their bracelet gets to keep all of the bracelets.

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