Party Games Ideas for Couples

by Krystal Miller
Play games to help couples have fun at your party.

Play games to help couples have fun at your party.

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Liven up your next party, and help break the ice between party guests who don't know each other well, by planning games specially designed for couples. Make the games simple and fun or romantic, depending on your party theme. All you need are a few supplies, game ideas and some couples ready to play to get the games started. Entice everyone to play along by awarding age-appropriate prizes to game winners.

Easy Games

Hide several pieces of ribbon or yarn around the party area. Each couple must go around the room collecting pieces of yarn or ribbon and tie the pieces together. The couple with the longest strand of ribbon or yarn after five minutes wins the game. For another easy game, hide pictures of items that go together, such as "peanut butter and jelly," "butter and toast," "salt and pepper" and "pencil and paper." Hide the items individually around the party space. The first couple to find a pair of items that go together wins the game.

Funny Games

Plan a couples tattoo competition by having each couple use body paint and markers to draw tattoos on each other. Once the tattoos are complete, have the party guests vote on the best ones. Award prizes for the funniest and most romantic tattoos. Another idea for married couples is to place everyone's wedding rings into a bowl of milk or dark-colored liquid. Have each couple stand at the bowl and try to find their rings in the liquid. Time each couple; the couple with the fastest time wins the game.

Dance Games

Give each couple an uncooked spaghetti noodle. Have each player stick one end of the noodle in his or her mouth. Call out actions like "jump," "shake your booty" or "squat down." The couples must complete the actions without breaking their noodle. When a couple breaks their noodle, they are out of the game. The last couple with a noodle still intact wins the game. Alternatively, play this game with music, dancing and an apple. Each couple must hold an apple between their foreheads and dance. Any couple caught not dancing are out of the game. If a couple's apple drops, they are out of the game. The last couple dancing with their apple still between their foreheads win the game.

Other Games

Other couples games include the "stranded island" game and a couples trivia game. For the "stranded island" game, give each couple a large sheet of paper and tell them it is an island. They must stand on the island. After one minute, have them fold the paper in half and stand on the island again. Give the couples one minute to get their bodies adjusted before you begin timing. All couples still standing on the paper after one minute stay in the game. Any couple who allow their feet to go off the paper are out of the game. Fold the paper in half again and time the couples for another minute. The couple who can stand on the smallest island without falling off win the game. For a couples trivia game, place the members of a couple in different rooms. Question them separately about one another; questions may include "What is your husband's/wife's favorite food?" or "What size shoe does your husband/wife wear?" Write down their answers. Bring the couple back together, and ask them to answer the questions about each other. The couple that answers the most questions correctly wins the game.

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