Party Games for Hens' Nights

by Tanya Khan
Host an unforgettable hens' night party for your soon-to-be married friend.

Host an unforgettable hens' night party for your soon-to-be married friend.

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A hens' night party, also known as a bachelorette party, is the traditional celebration of an engaged woman's last day as a single. There are many traditions relating to a hen party; games are a popular and often central activity. Select your hens' night games beforehand, to fit your honoree's preferences and ensure she has a fun and memorable evening.


An introductory quiz at the party will loosen everyone up for the evening. Ask the bride 20 questions about herself a day before the party. Include questions such as her favorite color, favorite lingerie, favorite romantic spot and when she first kissed her fiance. Note the answers and prepare a questionnaire using the 20 questions. Make copies for everyone at the party. The person who first gets the correct answers wins a prize. Alternatively, ask the groom 20 questions about himself and his bride a day before the party. Include both general and intimate questions and note the answers. During the party, ask the bride the same questions, and check her answers against the ones her fiance gave the day before to see how many she answered correctly. Reward her for every correct answer.

Group Contests

Group contests are an integral part of hens' night activities and provide an opportunity for plenty of laughs. Divide the guests in groups of three to five members and give each member rolls of toilet paper, masking paper and silver tinsel. Each group has to dress one of its members as the "bride" and make her wear a "wedding dress" using the material provided. Let the bride select the best dress. Alternatively, create different parts of a man's body using modeling clay and assemble them together to form a man. Write the different parts of a male's body on individual strips of paper and fold them. Ask one member from each group to unfold a strip and sculpt the body part, without looking at another team's work. When complete, the bride collects the different body parts and assembles them together to form a man.


Treasure and scavenger hunts are a traditional part of hens' night activities. Set a theme (such as "all blue" or "all pink") and choose items accordingly, or select only items relating to a bachelorette, or to the wedding. Hide the items in the venue beforehand and give each guest a list of items to find. Set a deadline, so the guest who finds the items the soonest, wins. Alternatively, arrange a scavenger hunt for the bride that ends up in a special destination, or perhaps in the arms of her fiance -- momentarily -- until she's carried away by her friends. Hide gifts given to her by her man in different spots through the city, including pubs, restaurants, public parks and roadside café's. Seek permission from the management of each venue beforehand.

Truth or Dare

The classic game of "truth or dare" is suitable for a hens' night celebration. Make a set of cards with questions that require "truths", and another set of cards for the "dares." Include straightforward and racy dares for added fun. Depending on personal preference, have the game at home or in a public venue for more entertainment. Alternatively, have each guest ask the bride a "truth or dare" question.

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