Party Games for a Co-Ed Baby Shower

by Melissa Morang
Throw a baby shower that she will never forget.

Throw a baby shower that she will never forget.

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Baby showers are a wonderful way of celebrating impending motherhood. If you are throwing a shower for someone and want her to remember this special day for years to come, liven the party up and make it a co-ed shower. Add to the entertainment by playing games sure to make everyone relax and have a few laughs.

Play a Diaper Game

A diaper relay will make the guests laugh while trying to change a diaper as fast as possible. You need two dolls that are the size of infants for this game. Place diapers on each baby and break the guests up into two groups. Each person grabs a baby and runs to a table to take the diaper off and wipe the baby as if its real. The person must then powder the baby and reapply the diaper before passing it to the next person on the team. Don't forget to reward the winning team.

Make a Baby Game

Give each couple two pieces of clay to make a baby out of. Set a timer for five minutes, or any amount of time you think is appropriate to make a clay baby. When the time is up, each group places its baby on a platter. The expecting couple chooses the favorite baby and awards a prize.

Guess the Waist Size Game

This game involves guessing the waist size of the expectant mom. Each person is given a piece of yarn or toilet paper and cuts out a length for the waist size of the mother. Alternatively, cut up different sizes of yarn and place them in a bag. Each guest picks from the bag, and the person whose yarn is the closest to the mother's waist size wins.

Musical Bottle Game

The musical bottle game gets everyone up and moving. Fill three baby bottles with juice or water. Pass the bottles to three guests and turn on the music. This game is a variation of hot potato. The guests must keep passing the bottles. When the music stops, the guests holding a bottle must drink from it. The first person who finishes the bottle wins the game. You could also make the game more fun by telling the players not to use their hands when sucking on the bottle.

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