Party Games for a 7-Year-Old

by Christine Margiotta
Your 7-year-old's next birthday party will be a hit with the right games.

Your 7-year-old's next birthday party will be a hit with the right games.

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Keeping kids happy and entertained during a birthday party is challenging enough, but as your child gets older, he'll be looking to you for more sophisticated ways to entertain -- and impress -- his friends. If you're looking for ideas that will satisfy even the most discerning of 7-year-olds, try some party games that will ensure you and your child hit it out of the park at the next birthday party.

Scavenger Hunt

Send your child's birthday party guests on a scavenger hunt that either lasts the entire party or has a dedicated portion of the party. Hide clues throughout your home or on your property for an outdoor party. For an added twist, scramble the letters of the words in the clue to encourage your party guests to work together to solve the riddles.

Mummy Wrap

This inexpensive and simple-to-do game will keep your child's party guests busy for hours. The object of the game is straightforward: See which team can wrap its "mummy" in toilet paper the quickest. Let the teams decide who will be the mummy, then time them on how quickly it takes them to wrap that person in toilet paper from head to toe.

Sponge Relay

This is the perfect game for an outdoor party on a hot summer day -- especially if you don't have a pool. Position sets of buckets -- one set filled with water and one set empty -- on opposite sides of your yard (or simply positioned a decent distance from one another). Put sponges in the filled buckets. The object of the game is for teams to race the saturated sponges to the empty buckets, then wring out the sponges to begin filling the empty bucket with water. The first team to fill its empty bucket this way wins.

Balloon Stomp

This game is wonderful in its simplicity. Use string to tie a half-inflated balloon to the ankle of each party guest. On your signal, everyone tries to pop everyone else's balloons by stomping on them. For an added twist in hot weather, fill the balloons with water, or play on the beach for a more challenging stomping ground.

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