Party Games for a 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebrated in India

by Kate Klassen
Pick party games that will keep your guests laughing and having fun all night long.

Pick party games that will keep your guests laughing and having fun all night long.

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A 25th wedding anniversary is milestone that is often celebrated in grandiose style with family and friends. To keep the party lively and encourage all of the guests to participate and enjoy themselves, include games in the festivities. Many games can be played no matter what country you are in, but there are some that can add a traditional flair to a celebration in India.

Henna Painting Competition

Pair up husbands and wives, or just the wives if the husbands aren't into it, and have a henna painting competition. This temporary Indian skin art is traditionally used to decorate the skin of the bride. Pick a simple theme for the contestants and have them sketch out their ideas on each other's hands or feet using henna paste. Have nonparticipants judge the entries to pick a winner.

Bollywood Dance Instruction

If some Bollywood dancing can't liven up the party, then there is not much chance that anything can. This modern form of Indian dance is lively, fast-paced and can be done in pairs or in a large group. Bring in a professional instructor and have everyone learn a routine to present to the happy couple in honor of their 25th anniversary.

Pachisi Tournament

Divide the party goers into pairs and draw out of a hat to see who plays against whom. The winning teams of each round go on to play one another in consecutive rounds until just one team is left standing. Originating in ancient times and still popular today in India, pachisi is typically played on a cloth board with cowrie shells that determine how the team's pieces move around the board until one team wins.

Test Your Knowledge

Test how well the guests really know the couple who are celebrating. Come up with a list of 20 questions about the couple. Ask the group of guests one question at a time. Give a point to the first guest who comes up with the correct answer for each question. At the end of the question period, the guest with the most points wins. Questions might involve how the couple met, their favorite restaurant, or their pets' names.

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