Party Foods for Movie Night

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Movie night makes it easy to entertain with snack staples.

Movie night makes it easy to entertain with snack staples.

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A movie night party is a great way to throw a casual shindig on the cheap for your family and friends. Most of the entertainment is provided by your movies of choice, and the party spread can be as simple as a variety of finger foods your guests can graze upon during the movie. Some of these snacks can be made ahead of time for additional convenience.


A movie staple, popcorn can be as simple or as creative as you desire and many types can be made prior to the event. Offer a variety, from spicy to sweet, to tantalize the palate of each of your guests. You can even experiment with herbs like rosemary to liven up warm buttered popcorn. Invest in an air popping popcorn machine to offer a healthier alternative to the butte-r or caramel-laden variety.


Unlike a sit-down dinner, movie night makes a meal out of convenient snacks. Set up a nacho bar with different chips, varied dips like queso and salsa, chili, peppers, sour cream or guacamole. This allows your guests to prepare their own nachos as spicy or as mild as their taste buds can stand. You may also elect a fondue pot full of cheese or chocolate, with different items to complement your dip of choice. This can be as healthy as fruit or vegetables, or as fun as marshmallows. Don't forget a healthy alternative in crudites, fresh veggies with a variety of dips like artichoke or spinach. You may also try something more ethnic like pita and hummus.


Just like the candy stand at the cinema, you can offer your own variety of candies to satisfy the sweet tooth of any guest. These can be snack packages of popular packaged candies, individual snack-sized servings of movie favorites like gummy bears or mints, or even your own homemade variety. If you want to invest a little more time and personality into your dessert, make snack-sized sweets like bite-sized personal cakes or brownies served in cupcake papers. This allows your guests to sample something decadent without the muss and fuss of utensils and dinnerware.


You can make fun colorful punches for the kids in honor of whatever movie they happen to be watching, like a green punch for animated classics like "Shrek." If you want to go retro, buy sodas in bottles and offer fun paper straws or crazy straws. For more adult-oriented beverages, sangria can be made ahead of time for your convenience, or you can play bartender with your very own "Sex and the City" cosmopolitan.

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