Party Food Ideas for a Kids' Super Hero Party

by Kate Bradley
Feed him creatively and well so he can save the world.

Feed him creatively and well so he can save the world.

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You can't have a superhero party with ho-hum party food. Whether the kids are Batman or Iron Man fans, they want a party that's out of this world in every respect, from the decorations to the party games and, of course, the menu. Get creative with your superhero party food -- you can turn everyday snacks into supernatural goodies.

Main Courses

Feed your little superheroes super foods for the main course. Use food coloring to dye lunch meat different colors, such as blue, red and yellow for Superman. Toast the bread lightly and press a Superman (or other superhero logo) cookie cutter into the bread. Serve a "radioactive" pizza by putting it in a large skillet painted with glow-in-the-dark paint and put a black light over it. Place a sign beside it that says "Caution - Eat at your own risk." For a lighter option, serve The Penguin's Salad with "penguin meat" (tuna).


Power Bars can be a big hit just for their name, especially if you tell the kids that they're meant to give you real power. Mix up a batch of Green Hornet guacamole and serve green tortilla chips with it. Make your own snack mix (or use Chex mix) and color it red and tan to create a batch of Catwoman's dinner. Cover a cardboard box with question marks and pour several boxes of crackers inside. Label it "The Riddler's Treats" and dare the kids to stick their hands inside.


Make a bat- or spider-shaped cake. If you don't have the right kind of cake pan, bake it in a rectangular pan and carve it after cooking, then cover the exposed areas with icing. Bake lighting bolt-shaped cookies. Serve "rat pellets" (chocolate-covered peanuts) for the bravest superheroes at the party. Make Jell-O jigglers in the shape of diamonds or bats. Remind the kids that they need to eat their superpower pills, then set out a big bowl of M&Ms; or Skittles.


Give kids the most superpowered drink available -- Gatorade. Toss in some pop rocks before serving it to amaze them when it pops like a mysterious substance. Make colored ice cubes with fruit juice or food coloring -- when you put the cubes into a regular drink, the kids will think it's cool to see the drink change colors. You could also use food coloring to change clear drinks, such as Sprite, into "bat blood" or "spider venom."

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