Party Favor Suggestions for an 18th Birthday

by Tamiya King
Give your daughter's guests miniature photos of her as an 18th birthday party favor.

Give your daughter's guests miniature photos of her as an 18th birthday party favor.

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Your teen's 18th birthday is coming up soon; not only do you want to make the party fabulous, you also want to send her guests home with memorable favors. The party favors you choose can match the celebration's theme, or you can choose items that speak to the new-found adulthood that comes with an 18th birthday.

Key Chain Favors

Give your son's guests key chain party favors with charms that reflect some of his favorite things or as an ode to the car you presented to him as a birthday gift. For instance, choose charms in the shape of the number 18 for the key chain in the guest of honor's favorite color, or a food-shaped charm like a chocolate chip cookie or taco to symbolize his favorite snack as a child (you can also feature these foods at the party). Or, select a sophisticated design for the key chain that reflects your son's new adult status, like a small silver charm engraved with his name and birth date.

"Grown-Up" Party Favors

Send your daughter's guests home with 18th birthday favors that make them feel like grownups. For instance, purchase gift cards from the local coffee shop and place them in mini envelopes the same colors as the party decor. Or, present each guest with a day planner; your daughter's friends could be heading off to college and might want to keep their schedules more organized. A small but affordable accessory that reflects professionalism is appropriate for an 18th birthday as well. For instance, a bow tie for each of the guys and a pair of synthetic pearl stud earrings for the girls in some of your daughter's favorite shades will be well appreciated by her friends and loved ones.

Photo Party Favors

If your teen's party guest list is filled with longtime friends and family members, give party favors like a baby picture of your 18-year-old in a mini frame. Decorate the frame with the guest of honor's name, or glue a small wooden charm like a baby rattle on the frame, along with a charm in the shape of the number 18 to symbolize that your "baby" is now an adult. Or, give party guests a photo of your teen graduating from high school, or a photo of your teen in her cap and gown. Choose small plastic frames in the guest of honor's school colors to create a favor family members can display in their homes.

College Party Favors

If your teen has already chosen the college he will attend, give his guests party favors that display the school emblem. For instance, a blue and yellow mug that showcases the University of Michigan or Florida International University logo is attractive, particularly when you add blue and golden-colored candies inside for guests to enjoy. Or, give everyone T-shirts with the college logo; wrap the clothing in the shape of a scroll and tie a satin ribbon in one of the college colors around the shirt for presentation. A calendar decorated with the college logo is a fitting gift as well; if the party is small, purchase paper gift bags in one of the logo hues and fill the bags with all three items.

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