Party Decorations Made From Nature

by Kyra Sheahan
Use real seashells to decorate for a beach-themed party.

Use real seashells to decorate for a beach-themed party.

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Using nature to decorate your next party is a creative and economical way to tie together your theme. Whether you are hosting a backyard birthday party or a seaside engagement bash, allow yourself to become inspired by nature so that you can keep your decor looking earthy and authentic.


Centerpieces bring your guests' focus to the middle of the table, which helps tie together the theme of your party. A centerpiece party decoration can be made using natural materials, such as rocks, flowers, small tree branches and pine cones. One idea is to decorate your tables by making floral centerpieces out of wild flowers that you pick and place in a vase. You can also create a centerpiece by placing pretty rocks in glass jars. Or, set out large bowls on the tables at your party and fill the bowls with pine cones. For a rustic look, place small tree branches in tall vases and hang trinkets from the wood. If you have an ocean theme in mind, set out large starfish and conchs in the center of your tables.

Picture Frames

Picture frames add a personal touch to your party because you can display photographs of the guest of honor. Decorate your party tables with picture frames that are embellished with natural materials, and set them out on your buffet table, gift table or on shelves. Let yourself be inspired by the festivity. For instance, a beach-themed party may give you the idea to glue tiny seashells along the border of a wooden picture frame. Or, decorate a picture frame for a Thanksgiving or Christmas party with natural pine cone scales. Seashells and pine cones will give your decorative picture frames an outdoorsy ambiance.


Streamers often make an appearance at parties, but they don't have to be made out of crepe paper. Make streamers for your party out of natural materials. For instance, string together maple leaves that you collect from outside and drape the string around your table as a fall-themed streamer. Or, glue small- and medium-sized seashells together with fishing line to create a beach-themed streamer.


Whether you are hosting an adult or kid party, candles are decorative party must-haves. Use what you have in your natural environment to figure out how to decorate with candles. For instance, scalloped seashells -- that have been washed and bleached -- make effective candle holders. Pour melted candle wax into the shell with a wick and set many of these shell candles out at your party. You can also create a natural candelabra using large rocks in various sizes. Set tea light candles on top of your large rocks that are stacked in different heights to make your candles stand out.

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