Party Decoration Ideas With a "Pirates of the Caribbean" Theme

by Lauren Griffin
Fly that Jolly Roger high.

Fly that Jolly Roger high.

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Even a landlubber is bound to love a party with a "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme. With the right decorations, it's possible to transform an ordinary space into a tropical paradise for pirates. Polish your boots, slip on a puffy shirt and show off your swagger at a "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme party.

Pirate Ship

Transform the room into a pirate ship with simple decorations. Set up rows of wooden benches for seating. Create a wooden helm so the guests can have their picture taken while steering the ship. Hang white sheets from the ceiling to make sails, then turn on a fan so they billow in the wind. A pirate ship isn't complete without the Jolly Roger; let the pirate flag adorn a wall to remind all who enter whose ship they are on.


Create a centerpiece fit for Capt. Jack Sparrow himself. Set a opened treasure chest overflowing with an assortment of fake gold, gems and jewelry in the middle of the table. Adding a battery-operated candle inside of the chest will make the contents of the chest glow and sparkle.


Make it clear your pirate ship is adrift in the Caribbean by including tropical decorations. An inflatable palm tree shows off Caribbean spirit while adding a whimsical touch to the decor. Display exotic flowers that boast tropical colors, such as bright magenta and vibrant teal. Rather than getting paper plates that feature a picture of a pirate, opt for teal ones that mirror the color of the Caribbean waters.


Food can be more than just something to eat; make it part of the decor. A pirate-themed cake will jazz up the party space and taste great. Create a treasure-chest cake out of a 13-inch by 9-inch cake. With careful cutting, a luscious layer of chocolate frosting and goodies to add on top, a treasure-chest cake matches the centerpiece perfectly. An impressive pirate-ship cake topped with plastic pirate toys or a cake shaped as a pirate hat will also please party-going buccaneers and their tummies.

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