Party Crafts With Pikachu Balloons

by Jennifer Eblin
A yellow balloon quickly becomes a cute Pikachu balloon.

A yellow balloon quickly becomes a cute Pikachu balloon.

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Thanks to a hit television show, game, and hundreds of toys, nearly every child in the world knows the characters from Pokemon, including Pikachu. The adorable little, yellow and black creature is the center of the Pokemon universe and has appeared on numerous toys and party supplies. Use Pikachu balloons in different craft projects at your next kid's party and give the kids fun activities.

Make a Pikachu

Turn plain-colored balloons into inflatable Pikachu balloons. Give each child at the party a bright yellow balloon and arrange bowls of craft supplies around the table. Use markers, paint, and other supplies that let the children turn the ordinary balloons into Pikachu. Ask the party guests to blow up their balloons and tie off the ends. Create the stylized stripes on the balloon with the black markers or black paint. Paint or draw eyes and a mouth onto the balloon and finish with two red dots on his cheeks.

Three-Dimensional Pikachu

Use Pikachu balloons as the basis for papier mache creations. Purchase a papier mache kit from your local craft store and mix the ingredients according to the directions. Ask the children to inflate and tie off their balloons. Dip paper strips into the papier mache glue and gently wrap the strips around the balloon. Once the paint dries, pop a hole in the bottom of the balloon and pull the balloon out of the paper. Paint the balloon with yellow, black, and red shades to give it Pikachu's classic design. Use small pieces of construction paper to make the ears and tail.

Balloon Balls

Turn small juice glasses upside down and gently stretch a Pikachu balloon across the top. The balloon should hang down in the center of the glass. Ask the children to fill the balloons with flour. Pour the flour into small bowls and arrange the bowls around the table. After filling the balloon balls, tie the ends of the balloons into a knot. The balloon balls are the right shape and size to use as bean bags or stress balls.

Hot Air Balloons

Inflate each of the Pikachu balloons and set to one side. Ask the children to draw images of people on construction paper and cut those people out of the paper. Glue or tape the figures onto one side of a strawberry basket or small cardboard box. Let the kids decorate their own box in any way they choose. Tie a length of string to each corner of the box and tie the opposite ends to the bottom of the balloon. Each child gets to take home their own Pikachu hot air balloon.

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