Paragliding in Malaysia

by Mitchell Land

Paragliding entails hanging from wires connected to a large, curved parachute that allows gliders to control where the parachute takes them. There are multiple paragliding opportunities in Malaysia, where there are bountiful scenic views alongside beaches and tall city landscapes. Companies in Malaysia also teach and assist people new to paragliding.


Different classes and training options are available across Malaysia. Depending on the program purchased, students can expect to train for several days. Student pilots will generally receive approximately 10 solo flights to practice, while students working to achieve a pilot rating will do upwards of 40 solo flights to earn certification. Student pilots taking the paragliding pilot course from Mountnear Paragliding Center, for example, receive full instructions as well as full equipment support, a logbook and flying passport and a PL-1 license from Paralayang (PLGI).


Location of paragliding will vary depending on the company. Mountnear Paragliding Center is in Selangod Darul Ehsan, but the center's students also take paragliding trips into Nepal. This company also runs paragliding trips over Lake Toba. Oxbold Extreme Sports Malaysia is on the coast in Jugra, Banting. Other Oxbold locations exist in Bukit Sendayan, Seremban, and Bahau Hill, Negeri Sembilan. Paragliding Dot Com is located in Taman Serdang Perdana near Seri Kembangan.


Packages will change with the goals paragliders carry into their trips. Training courses are typically more expensive, as they entail much more flight time and equipment than a one-off experience. Power paragliding packages also exist, in which the glider is attached to a large fan that assists the take-off process. These fans enable pilots to "launch from lower altitudes or even flat land," according to Mountnear Paragliding Center. Tandem flights are also an option, in which the customer acts as the passenger while a trained pilot takes control of the direction and speed of the parachute.


As of August 2011, three major companies exist in Malaysia that offer these paragliding experiences. Paragliding Dot Com focuses more on the training of new pilots, with "the objectives of getting Malaysians into the aviation world in line with the government of Malaysia Vision 2020," according to the company's website. Mountnear Paragliding Center offers training, certification, power paragliding and tandem flights. Oxbold Extreme Sports Malaysia offers a variety of extreme activities, but its paragliding package includes an information session as well as a paragliding experience after training.

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