Parades in Vincentown, New Jersey

by Bronwyn White
Parades are popular ways to celebrate holidays across the country.

Parades are popular ways to celebrate holidays across the country.

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Though a small village in the larger township of Southampton, Vincentown, New Jersey, located in Burlington County, has plenty of spirit. The area hosts three holiday parades a year, on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Halloween. The parades are community-based and draw a lot of local support.

Overview of Vincentown Parades and Festivities

Vincentown's parades were created by local citizens to better their community by bringing people together to celebrate. The Vincentown Rotary Club held the first Halloween Parade in 1946 to keep children safe by offering an alternative to traditional Halloween mischief. The Memorial Day and Fourth of July parades were created to express gratitude to the men and women of the armed forces and especially to recognize the veterans and active soldiers in the Vincentown community. The parades are only part of each holiday's festivities, but are an important moment for the community to come together in a shared experience.

Memorial Day Parade

Vincentown's Memorial Day Parade commemorates the sacrifices and contributions of members of the U. S. Armed Forces, especially those who have died in combat. The parade floats feature veterans and active soldiers. The floats are typically based on more recent wars whose veterans are still living, but also always includes a Civil War memorial float. Memorial services occur at several churches and cemeteries, both before and after the parade.

Fourth of July Parade

The Fourth of July Parade is one of the area's most popular and draws large crowds. Many community groups participate in the parade and create imaginative floats. Marching bands, Boy Scouts, antique cars, the Burlington County Fire Department and the Senior Citizens Task Force are all eager participants in the parade each year. The parade begins on Second Street and winds around Route 213 to end at the Lower Southampton Township grounds.

Halloween Parade

The Vincentonwn Rotary Club holds an annual Halloween parade geared towards children and young people. The parade began after World War II and is still popular. Several bands participate, include marching bands from Seneca, Lenape and Shawnee high schools, as well as the Greater Trenton Bags and Pipes. Floats showcase classic cars, the fire department, Disney princesses and local businesses.

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