Parades in Lind, Washington

by Si Kingston

Lind, Washington is a small farming community of around 500 people that holds a few parades each year. The town hosts a Grand Parade annually to celebrate its Combine Demolition Derby as well as a Christmas parade in December.

Lind Chamber Grand Parade

Lind is the home of the Combine Demolition Derby, a unique event that attracts spectators from around the country. Held on the second weekend in June, the Grand Parade is staged prior to the event. The parade includes floats and visiting royalty as well as marching bands, antique or classic cars and tractors and horse-drawn buggies. Prizes are awarded to the best entries in each category. There is also an annual barbecue hosted by the Lions Club in the city park following the parade.

Kiddie Parade

Each year Lind recognizes children by staging the Kiddie Parade, which is held just before the Grand Parade. A theme, such as stars and stripes, is set and child participants are encouraged to dress up accordingly. All kiddie participants are awarded a prize and there is one grand prize winner.

Christmas Parade

The annual evening Christmas parade takes place in the middle of December. Fireworks signal the beginning of the parade, after which illuminated Christmas-themed floats and festively decorated cars and people wearing costumes march down the street to celebrate the holiday season. Prizes are awarded for the best Christmas floats. Before the parade, a free dinner is held at the Senior Center. Santa Claus is also available to listen to the Christmas wishes of children.


The Parade Committee of the Lind Chamber of Commerce is responsible for organizing the events. The Lind Lions Club plays a major role in sponsoring or contributing to the parades, which are open to anyone who wishes to participate.