Parades in Bodega, California

by Michele Cooper
Bodega Bay is approximately 65 miles north of San Francisco.

Bodega Bay is approximately 65 miles north of San Francisco.

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Bodega Bay is a scenic area on the Pacific Coast located in Sonoma County. There are two separate communities approximately six miles from one another that make up the general area. Bodega is a very small, unincorporated town inland from the ocean, while Bodega Bay is a slightly larger town on an inlet of the coast and harbor. The area as a whole is a charming, quiet community with plenty to offer locals and tourists, including several parades.

The Boat Parade

The Annual Bodega Bay Fisherman's Fest usually takes place over a weekend in late April to early May. It marks the beginning of the salmon fishing season, a lucrative industry in Bodega. The festival includes food, wine and entertainment. The Boat Parade is a popular event. Decorated boats parade in the harbor and receive the "blessing of the fleets" -- where a clergyman blesses the fishing fleet. A flower wreath is placed in the water to honor fishermen lost at sea.

Parade of Pets and Llamas

The Parade of Pets and Llamas also takes place at the Annual Fisherman's Festival, typically on the Saturday afternoon of the festival after a wooden boat race. Community members bring out their pets, primarily dogs, and llamas. They parade around the Westside Regional Park on Westside Road located in the town of Bodega Bay.

Sonoma County's Shortest Parade

The Bodega Big Event is an annual event put on by the Bodega Volunteer Fire Department. It takes place in downtown Bodega in August and includes a barbecue and entertainment, with all proceeds going to the fire department. Sonoma County's Shortest Parade is a morning event that kicks off the summer fun. The parade is very short so as to not hold up traffic and includes a few floats, animals and kids in costume.

Guerneville, CA

Guerneville is a larger town approximately 20 miles from Bodega Bay, also in Sonoma County. It has several parades that attracts the Bodega community and are very popular. The Stumpdown Daze Parade takes place in May and celebrates the historic center of the redwood logging industry, historically significant to the area. Guerneville also hosts Sonoma County's Gay Pride Parade in late May/early June. The Winter Festival with the Parade of Lights takes place in December in downtown Guerneville and celebrates local merchants and the holidays.

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