Pampered Chef Party Ideas & Games

by Krystal Miller
Pampered Chef offers an assortment of gadgets for the kitchen.

Pampered Chef offers an assortment of gadgets for the kitchen.

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Founded in 1980, Pampered Chef is a sales force of independent consultants who sell professional quality kitchen tools. If you're a Pampered Chef consultant, you can plan ahead with a few ideas and games to prepare for a successful party. Games can keep guests involved in the party, help them pay attention to the products, and give them a chance to win prizes.

Arrival Ideas

It's extremely important to show up to the scheduled party on time to set up all your products and tables. Wear a business outfit or casual wear; however, avoid shorts, jeans or flip-flops. Bring a box of pens, lapboards, business cards, props for display, prizes for game winners, a calculator, and change (dollars and coins). The best prizes to give away are Pampered Chef products, such as some of the basic kitchen tools, pens and key chains.

Icebreaker Activities

Break the ice with some entertaining activities to introduce the guests to one another. Go around the room and have each guest state her name. She must tell everyone her favorite kitchen gadget and why. Award a small prize to the guest with the most creative answer. For another icebreaker activity, have each guest state her name and make up a sentence using the letters of her name. For example, Diane could say, "Diane is a nice entertainer," or Kate might say, "Kate's a tomato expert." Award a prize to the funniest answer.

Presentation Ideas

Present your products on one table and set up another table with food to show the guests how the products work. Demonstrations will lead to more sales. Plain and light-colored tablecloths will keep the guests' attention on Pampered Chef products instead of the cloth. Collapsible tables are easy to travel with and set up quickly. Keep an accordion file folder with catalogs, order forms, brochures and paper games for easy access during the presentation.


Encourage the party guests to host a Pampered Chef party by playing games for prizes. Write, "You won a party," "20% off your order," "Try Again" and "Free kitchen gadget" on small slips of paper. Place paper in plastic eggs and put them in a basket. Tell each guest she can take an egg to try to win a prize; however, if she gets the "You won a party" egg, she must agree to have a Pampered Chef party at her home. For a basic version of this game, simply place the slips of paper in a bowl and allow each guest to draw one.

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