Palm Springs Boutique Hotels

by Mary Freeman

The desert city of Palm Springs is located in the Coachella Valley of California. The architecture in the southern city largely adheres to a Bauhaus and Art Deco aesthetic.This design style -- as well as its desert terrain -- is highly reflected in the city's boutique and design hotels.

Viceroy Palm Springs

Featuring three courtyards and 64 rooms, the Viceroy Palm Springs is a white-stuccoed, Spanish hacienda-style boutique hotel. Inside, the hotel sheds its Spanish appearance, and a sharp, contemporary aesthetic permeates throughout the hotel. A color palate of black, white and lemon yellow is a stylish coat to the hotel's elegant decor. Sprawling, manicured gardens make up the view from the patios extend from many of the rooms. The hotel also features an outdoor spa and wellness center.

Colony Palms Hotel

The Colony Palms is named dually after the hotel's long-time neighborhood and the ring of palm trees that encircle hotel. Each of the 56 guest rooms feature contemporary, African-influenced decorations and color schemes. Adjoining the hotel is the Purple Restaurant and Bar, which is artfully bathed in romantic lavender and gold hues. The restaurant serves famous Californian wines to go with its Mediterranean cuisine. The hotel also features an outdoor pool, Moroccan-style spa and fitness center.

Korakia Pensione

The Korakia Pensione, located on the outskirts of Palm Springs, is made up of two buildings, each with their own design and style, that hold the 29 guest rooms available at Korakia. As its name suggests, the Mediterranean Villa's 16 guest rooms feature Mediterranean furnishing. Likewise, the Moroccan Villa houses 12 units with lacy designs and an African color palette. Services at the hotel include yoga classes, and the grounds feature a bocce ball.

Movie Colony Hotel

The small, isolated Movie Colony Hotel has only 17 rooms, each individually styled with soft, creamy color tones. Albert Frey originally designed the hotel in an Art Deco fashion in the mid 1930s; many tributes to this original aesthetic are highlighted in the newly renovated hotel. Private patios and balconies come with a handful of the rooms, with vistas of the San Jacinto mountains. The hotel is designated for people over the age of 21 only.

About the Author

Mary Freeman is a freelance writer. She has held several editorial positions at the print publication, "The Otter Realm." She traveled throughout Europe, which ultimately resulted in an impromptu move to London, where she stayed for eight months. This life experience inspired her to pursue travel writing. Freeman received a degree in human communication from California State University.