Pajama Party Tips

by Lexi Sorenson

Throughout childhood and adolescence, the sleepover is a much-beloved pastime. Sleepovers can celebrate a birthday or a holiday, or be be planned just for a fun get-together with friends. If you're planning a pajama party and want it to be a night to remember, you'll need to plan ahead.

Take Photos

Take lots of photos throughout the night. Gather different groups of your friends together and pose. Try dressing up in costumes or forming a human pyramid. Make sure to take lots of action shots. If your siblings or parents are around, have them take a group photo of you and all of your guests. Once the party's over, offer to give digital copies of the photos to your guests.


Learn a dance routine as a group. Your guests can come up with their own choreography, or you can pick a music video, such as Lady Gaga's Bad Romance or Michael Jackson's Thriller, and teach yourselves the dance steps. If it's a big party, you can separate people into groups and have them each dance to a song. Designated judges can determine which group performs the best. If you don't want to do a choreographed dance, just have an impromptu dance party in your bedroom to your favorite playlist.

Movie Marathon

It's not always easy to figure out which movie to watch at a slumber party, but if you pick a general theme, you can watch one after another. Odds are that at least one will be a crowd pleaser. For younger kids, choose movie themes like robots or princesses. Older kids will appreciate horror movies or chick flicks. Rent a bunch of titles and have your guests vote on which ones to watch.


After a special night, you'll need a special breakfast before your friends go home. Put out toppings like chocolate chips, maple syrup, sprinkles, and whipped cream, and have do-it-yourself waffles. Or put out a selection of bagels with toppings like cream cheese, peanut butter and jelly. Make smoothies with fruit and yogurt. Have your guests leave happy, full, and excited about your next pajama party.

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