Pajama Party Games for Hotel Rooms

by Kyra Sheahan
Enjoy entertaining pajama party games in your hotel room.

Enjoy entertaining pajama party games in your hotel room.

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Having your pajama party in a hotel room means taking extra care to not interrupt the stay -- and slumber -- of other hotel guests. However, you can still have plenty of entertaining fun with pajama party games that are contained to your hotel room.

Musical Sleeping Bags

Musical sleeping bags is the pajama party equivalent of musical chairs. Unfold and set down sleeping bags on the floor in a circle. There should be one less sleeping bag than the amount of people playing the game. Have someone volunteer to control the music. When the music is on, the players walk around their sleeping bags in a circular formation. As soon as the music stops, the players must lie down on the sleeping bag that is closest to them. The person who does not get to a sleeping bag first is out of the next round, and one sleeping bag is removed from the circle. Continue this game until there is a winner. If you are in a cramped hotel room, move some of the furniture out of the way to make room for unrolled sleeping bags.

Scavenger Hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt around your pajama party theme. This game works best when two or more groups of players are sharing different hotel rooms. Have the players convene in the hotel hallway so that the game host can pass out the list of scavenger hunt items. Items on the list should be tailored toward the pajama party theme, such as toothbrush, face wash, pillow case and teddy bear. Assemble players into teams based on those sharing a hotel room. On the host's mark, have the players run back into their rooms and collect as many of the items on the scavenger hunt list that they can. It may be necessary for players to use pillowcases to collect the items. The team that finds all or most of the items first wins.

Dirty Sock Toss

Rather than tossing a teddy bear or pillow at each other, as you might do at a typical slumber party, toss around a dirty sock. Have the players in their pajamas sit in a circle and throw someone's dirty sock around. Players that let the sock fall or drop are out, and the circle becomes smaller. The object of the game is to toss the sock as quickly as you can at the person who might not be paying attention so that you get the person out. The last person standing wins.

Hide the Miniature Soap

Hotel rooms always provide miniature soaps for guests. In this game, pajama party guests step outside of the hotel room while one player hides the soap someplace in the hotel room. After the soap is successfully hidden, the player invites the guests back into the room. Guests must search around the hotel room for the missing soap. The player that finds it wins the game and gets to hide the soap next.

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