Painting Tips for Game Tables

by Becky Lower
The entire family can enjoy a game table.

The entire family can enjoy a game table.

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If you like playing board games but hate setting up the board, a game table may be just the answer. Tables painted with game boards offer a simple, fun way for children or adults to exercise their creativity and to provide hours and years of entertainment. The board games can change as the child grows by simply painting over the surface and creating a new, more adult board.

What You'll Need

A table is the first item you'll need. This can be as simple as an unfinished picnic table or as sophisticated as a table with an inset top. Visit flea markets and garage sales to find old tables, then add a base coat of paint before painting the game board. You'll also need acrylic latex paint, paintbrushes, a pencil, ruler and painter's tape.

Types of Board Games

The most common game tables include a checkerboard or backgammon board. You can create a grown-up table by attaching green felt to the top for a blackjack table. If you have small children, reproducing a game board such as CandyLand, or possibly creating a grid for Tic-Tac-Toe would be suitable. Involve your child in the decision process.

How to Paint the Board

Choose a game board that you want to duplicate. Center the location on the table top and mark it with a pencil. Using painter's tape and a ruler, mark off the diagram of the board. Use one paint color at a time, and paint all marked areas in that color. Allow it to dry completely before painting any adjacent areas. You can either use a small paintbrush or a stencil to paint the board.

Tips for Finishing the Table

If the table will be used indoors, you might want to choose colors that match the room. Regardless of the game board selected, use two coats of paint for the board, and finish it with a coat of polyurethane to seal and protect the surface.

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