How to Paint Walls for Teen Rooms

by Lauren Griffin
Help make a teenager's room her own with a fresh coat of paint.

Help make a teenager's room her own with a fresh coat of paint.

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Sure the princess pink walls or car-shaped bed were great when your kid was little. But by the time most children have reached their teens, they are ready to shed the bedroom of their childhood in favor of something more adult. Painting the walls of your teenager's room provides a dramatic transformation and helps give the room a completely new, fresh start.

Items you will need

  • Drop cloth
  • Painters tape
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Paint rollers and brushes
Step 1

Encourage the teen to come up with a color scheme or decorative theme for her room. For instance, Tiffany blue walls would go well with a decorative chandelier, damask print bedding and shiny silver lamps.

Step 2

Browse a paint shop or home improvement store with the teenager. Bring home paint chips or small samples of the colors she likes.

Step 3

Look at the paint chips or samples of the paint in the teen's bedroom. This will give him a better idea of the subtleties, such as lighting, that affect the color of the paint. Also, consider the color of furniture and decorations and select a paint that complements those shades.

Step 4

Measure the dimensions of the walls of the room, to determine how much paint to purchase. Return to the store and get the paint in the color the teen wants.

Step 5

Prepare the space for painting. Lay down drop cloth and line the windows and edges with painters tape.

Step 6

Apply a coat or two of primer. Dark-colored walls need to be covered with primer so that the old layer doesn't show through the new layer of paint. Let it dry for several hours.

Step 7

Paint the room in the color or colors your teen selected.

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