How to Paint a Sports Theme on a Ceiling

by Filonia LeChat

Being able to gaze up at your ceiling and enjoy a simple painted sports theme mural may be the next best thing to actually being at the game. With a little bit of paint and a few tools, you can "score" a sports-related ceiling that even a rookie painter can design. The key to painting a sports theme on a ceiling is to prepare in advance, like spending time in the minors, to get your layout, plans and paints assembled. Choose your favorite sport and get ready to cheer for a new ceiling.

Items you will need

  • Masking tape
  • Charcoal pencil
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Plastic mats
  • Ladder
Step 1

Sketch the design of the theme on a piece of paper to get an idea of what will go where before you start. This step is optional, but may be helpful since you will be upside down and won't be able to see the entire ceiling at once.

Step 2

Remove any light fixtures, hanging baskets and other items from the ceiling. Patch or caulk any holes and let them dry.

Step 3

Tape off the areas where the walls meet the ceiling by placing masking tape on the wall. Drape the floor with plastic matting or layered newspapers to catch drips.

Step 4

Set up a ladder in the first part of the ceiling to paint. Place the ladder in an area where you can stretch your painting arm 360 degrees, instead of with your back against the wall.

Step 5

Paint the entire ceiling the base or background color of the sports theme, such as green AstroTurf for a football or baseball theme. Let the paint dry.

Step 6

Trace the outline of the sports arena, equipment, stadium or setup on the painted ceiling with a charcoal pencil. Regular pencil points may break or not stand up to a popcorn style ceiling. You will be painting over the pencil marks so don't worry about seeing them as you trace.

Step 7

Tape off the outlines of the sports theme on the outside of the drawings. For example, for a baseball diamond, apply masking tape on the outer edges of the diamond, not the inner edge.

Step 8

Paint over the sports designs with the appropriate colors, such as a light blue or gray for a basketball backboard or white for a tennis net. Paint up to and over the inner edge of the masking tape, but try not to go over the other edge of the tape.

Step 9

Let dry and apply paint to other areas of the ceiling, finishing the design. Peel off the masking tape.

Tips & Warnings

  • Because you'll be painting basically upside down, you're at risk of your arm, neck and back cramping up. Take breaks and massage your muscles where needed. It is also useful to work with a spotter on the ground who can point you to areas of missed paint so you don't have to climb up and down constantly.

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