How to Paint Hunting Camouflage Walls

by Leah Newman

Adding hunting camouflage to your game room, recreation room, or child's bedroom is a fairly easy do-it-yourself project. Camouflage is traditionally khaki, brown and olive green, although any colors can be used. Stencils that make painting large surfaces easy are sold online and in hobby and craft stores. If you'd prefer, however, you can freehand the hunting camouflage based on any camouflage pattern you'd like. Acrylic or latex paint is the preferred paint for most indoor murals, including walls painted in a camouflage pattern.

Items you will need

  • Paint
  • Water-soluble pencil
  • Camouflage stencil
  • Filbert artist brush
Step 1

Visit a paint store and select the paint for your camouflage. Most camouflage contains three to five colors. Some stencils call for a specific number of colors, but feel free to be creative with your colors and the number of colors used.

Step 2

Paint the wall with your base color, which should be your lightest paint color. Allow the paint to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. Trace the stencil shapes on to the wall with a water-soluble pencil. If you cannot find a stencil or feel comfortable free-handing the design, there is no right or wrong with camouflage.

Step 3

Paint in the stencil shapes using a filbert artist brush, which aids in accuracy and provides smooth lines. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 4

Lay the stencil over the surface again. This time lay it sideways, at an angle or shift it significantly up or down. Trace the stencil with a water-soluble pencil, and paint the design with your third paint color.

Step 5

Repeat this process for any additional colors.

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