Pageants for Girls in Oklahoma

by Adelaide Tresor
Pageants help girls have fun and build self-confidence.

Pageants help girls have fun and build self-confidence.

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Girls in Oklahoma who aspire to one day be crowned Miss America should begin pageant competition from a young age. Several pageants which judge girls based on appearance and talent occur across the state each year, and parents with competitive children should invest time and money into pageants frequently in order to help their daughters achieve grace, poise, self-confidence and familiarity with successful strategies for winning.

National American Miss

National American Miss is the largest pageant system in the U.S. and girls in Oklahoma can enter for official state titles from Miss Oklahoma Princes to Miss Oklahoma Teen. Awards include cash, prizes, and scholarships, and winners advance to the national competition in Los Angeles for additional money and title awards. The Oklahoma National American Miss contest occurs in July and eligibility age ranges from 4 to 18. No previous pageant experience is required.

Miss Plus America Pageant

The Miss Plus America pageant is open to plus-sized girls at least 14 years of age who reside in Oklahoma or attend an Oklahoma college or university full-time. The application fee is 300 dollars and contestants compete at a region pageant before advancing to the state competition. State winners attend the National Miss Plus America Pageant held annually in July. Size 14W is the minimum eligibility size for the Miss Plus America Pageant.

Oklahoma Fabulous Face Search

The Oklahoma Fabulous Face Search has hosted pageants for 15 years and is open to girls from newborn to teens. Awards include more than 30 state titles and thousands of dollars worth of cash and prizes. In addition, winners interested in competing in the national Fabulous Faces receive a reduction in their application fees. The state preliminary entry fee is 100 dollars per child and state finals occur in Oklahoma City each May.

Dream Girls USA Pageant

The Dream Girls USA Pageant emphasizes community leadership and seeks girls with personality and talent. Contestants can enter from the age of four, and entrants must compete for the title of Hometown queen before advancing to the state level. The Oklahoma queen advances to the national Dream Girls USA Pageant, held in July, and competes for one of two $10,000 bonds. Judges observe and rank girls on their performance in both spokesmodeling and formalwear modeling elements.

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