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4th of July Parade in St. Peter, Minnesota

There is nothing more American than a small-town parade and festival on the Fourth of July. In the southern Minnesota town of St. Peter, this tradition is alive and well. The town hosted its 41st "old-fashioned" Fourth of July Parade in 2011. The town plans a day full of events that make it one to remember.

African American Day Parade in New York City

New York City's African American Day Parade is an annual celebration and acknowledgement of black descendants of former African slaves in America. The parade, first held in 1969, takes place every September, normally on the third Sunday of the month. It is held in Harlem, a neighborhood in the northern section of New York's borough of Manhattan. Unity, dignity and pride are the three basic concepts serving as the platform for the parade.

Arizona Rodeos and Parades

Arizona has a lot more going for it than the Grand Canyon and "snowbirds," or senior citizens who head south for the winter where it is warmer than up north. Arizona is also cowboy country, with rodeos around the state giving cowboys the chance to display their skills. Parades are a part of any rodeo celebration, but cities in the state also host several big parades that are not connected to rodeos.

The Barrow, Georgia Memorial Parade

Residents of Barrow County, Georgia, have easy access to the annual Dacula Memorial Day parade, which takes place in neighboring Gwinnett County. Dacula, a 15 minute drive from Barrow County, has an annual Memorial Day Parade that honors American servicemen and servicewomen who died in the service of their country. Barrow County residents who wish to pay their respects to these members of America's Armed Forces may attend the Dacula parade.

Basic Rules for a Beauty Pageant for Kids

As a general rule, beauty pageants are not regulated by the state and rules are set by the pageant's organizers. Pageant rules are set to help contestants adhere to the contest's themes and general guidelines, such as age groups and overall fairness. If you are interested in putting your children in pageants, familiarize yourself with the more commonly applied and generalized framework of pageant rules.

Basic Rules for Putting on a Beauty Pageant

If you'd like to put on a pageant in your town, it can seem overwhelming. You're putting systems in place for the first time. You're dealing with a number of sponsors, contestants and volunteers. And of course, there a number of basic rules you're expected to follow. If you're a strong leader, though, you can manage an event of this magnitude, especially if you have the support of your community and a strong team around you.

Bastille Day Parade in France

Bastille Day is the French National Day, held every year on July 14 to commemorate the storming of the Bastille prison in 1789. The event sparked the French Revolution and the subsequent development of the country into a Republic, followed by the establishment of modern Democracies in the rest of Europe. The day traditionally is celebrated with military parades all over the country, with the most prominent being the parade in the capital, Paris.

The Bath, Pennsylvania, Halloween Parade

If you're looking for a fun and spooky time this Halloween in Bath, Pennsylvania, you may not have to wander far. The fire department puts on a parade each year in celebration of the holiday, funded by sponsorships and business donations. Any residential group can enter the parade to show off its talents or wares, or just to have a good time. It's held the last Saturday night of October with a rain date of Sunday night.

Beauty Pageant Games

Beauty pageant games are a fun way for young girls to role play life as pageant queens. Whether they are acting out a pageant using dress-up clothing and accessories or creating pageant queens on video games, there is sure to be a beauty pageant game that is appealing to your young girl.

Beauty Pageants in Arkansas

Competing in a beauty pageant can be a fun way to win money, cultivate confidence and increase your poise. There are many beauty pageant competitions to choose from in Arkansas. Regardless of your age, location or budget constraints, you should be able to find a competition that suits you.

About Beauty Pageants Involving Children

Beauty pageants are contests in which women or girls typically compete, though there are some pageants for men and boys. The main focus of these contests is the physical appearance of the girls or women competing. The contests often involve modeling different outfits, smiling and otherwise displaying pleasant appearances. However, the contestants may also have to answer questions or demonstrate a talent. Children's beauty pageants are not much different from adult beauty pageants.

Beauty Pageants in Myrtle Beach

Whether you are looking for a beauty pageant for children, teens, adults, men or women, the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, area offers plenty from which to choose. Although these pageants are not crowning Miss Universe, several of the beauty pageants in Myrtle Beach provide stepping-stones for women wishing to move on to prominent competitions such as the Miss America pageant. Other pageants in the sunny, beach city offer scholarship opportunities, raise money for charities or simply provide a fun experience.

Beauty Pageants in Olympia, Washington

Beauty pageants can be excellent ways to meet new people, showcase your talents and perhaps win a bit of prize money along the way. Olympia, Washington, is home to the Mrs. Washington America Pageant, a pageant in which married women from throughout the state compete for prizes, recognition and the coveted title of Mrs. Washington.

Beauty Pageants of Tennessee

Beauty pageants can help teach a girl style, poise and composure; many competitions also offer significant scholarships as prizes, promoting higher education. The state of Tennessee hosts many beauty pageants, from competitions for talented kids and teens to events featuring married women. The competitions typically judge contestants on a combination of academics, talent and appearance in a series of outfits.

Beauty Pageants in West Virginia for Children

Beauty pageants build confidence, teach poise and help children overcome fears of public speaking. They are also fun for both parents and children and can be quite lucrative as well. Many pageants give out cash awards as well as educational scholarships to the winners. There are many pageant opportunities for children residing in West Virginia. Some pageants in the state accept children as young as six months old! If you are just getting started in pageants, be aware that many pageants have entry fees as well as door fees to attend the event.

Beverly, Massachusetts Parades

Beverly, Massachusetts, is a resort and residential community on the North Shore of the state. It is home to two parades each year -- one kicks off the winter holiday season and the other is often grotesque in nature. The Holiday Parade is in downtown Beverly and gets everyone in the mood for Christmas, complete with an appearance from Santa Claus. The Horribles Parade takes place in July in Beverly Farms, which is an informally defined neighborhood on the east side of Beverly. The event gives people a chance to make fun of current events.

The Biblesta Parade in Humboldt, Kansas

A parade that celebrates Christianity and, specifically, the Bible, the Biblesta Parade has been held in Humboldt, Kansas, since 1958. The parade's name is a combination of "Bible" and "fiesta," and the event offers participants a festive way to celebrate the Christian faith. Since its inception, the parade has grown to a full-day celebration complete with music, children's activities and even free food.

Boscov's Philadelphia Thanksgiving Parade

Until recently, the long-running turkey-day parade in Philadelphia was called the Boscov's Philadelphia Thanksgiving Parade. It is a staple in Philadelphia culture, featuring Disney characters and local marching bands. The celebration is also the city's first sign of the Christmas season and marks the arrival of Santa Claus in The City of Brotherly Love.

Bullfighting Parades in Spain

Bullfighting in Spain is a very old tradition and is carried out according to a strict set of rules and customs. One of these customs is the "paseillo," a ceremonial parade of all the participants in the bullfight. The order of the paseillo is always the same. Its purpose is to allow the bullfighters and the members of their entourage to present themselves formally to the viewing public. The matadors, banderilleros and picadores all join in the parade.