Overnight Ghost Hunting in Indiana

by Scott Thompson
There are many opportunities for ghost hunting in Indiana.

There are many opportunities for ghost hunting in Indiana.

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Ghost hunting, or ghost investigation, is the activity of visiting places that are believed to be haunted to explore or investigate the purported haunting. Many places where hauntings have been reported are on private property or are otherwise not suitable for an overnight visit, but others are located in state or national forests in which camping overnight might be possible.

Mounds State Park

Mounds State Park is located in Anderson, Indiana. According to the Shadowlands ghost-hunting website, visitors have reported seeing "Puk-wud-ies," a type of dwarf spirit from Delaware Indian folklore. The dwarfs are supposed to be dressed in blue clothing and found both in Mounds State Park and at the nearby White River. Camping is available at Mounds State Park through the Indiana State Parks system.

Dunes State Park

The ghost of a naked woman known as "Diana of the Dunes" has been reported swimming in the lake at Dunes State Park in Chesterton, Indiana. She is supposed to be the spirit of a murdered woman named Alice Marble Gray, who used to live as a hermit in an old cottage along the shores of the lake around 1915. She eventually married but had to leave the area when her husband was accused of murder. He is thought to have beaten her to death later. Visitors claim to have seen her ghost at Dunes State Park.

The Barbee Hotel

Room 301 at the Barbee Hotel at Barbee Lake in Indiana is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of Al Capone, who used to stay there during Prohibition. Other ghosts have also been seen in other parts of the hotel, including the ghost of an elderly man who frequents the bar. The Barbee Hotel and Restaurant still exists, so ghost hunters have the option of reserving a room there for an overnight investigation.

Ghost Hunting Groups

A number of ghost-hunting groups are active in Indiana, including Crossroads Paranormal, Ghost Hunt Indy, Hoosier State Paranormal and Indiana Ghost Hunters. Ghost hunting can be a dangerous hobby due to the risks associated with exploring remote locations at night and the possibility of getting in trouble for trespassing if the location of the ghost hunt is not carefully selected. The Shadowlands ghost-hunting website advises would-be paranormal investigators always to get permission before investigating a new site. If you are able to connect with an established ghost hunting group, the group members should have the experience to navigate these kinds of issues.

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