Outrageous Party Games

by Alex Saez
When planning a party, keep a few outrageous games in mind.

When planning a party, keep a few outrageous games in mind.

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Parties are an opportunity to get together with family, friends and new people. While there are many classic games to play, it never hurts to try something new and outrageous as well. Regardless of age or occasion, crazy party games can help liven up any get-together and make it a memorable occasion for everyone.

Outdoor Games for Children

Some games are meant to be played outdoors, especially if they are as messy as the Whipped Cream Bubble Gum Race. You will need paper plates, bubble gum and whipped cream. Provide each child with a plate that holds an unwrapped piece of gum covered with whipped cream. With their hands behind their backs, participants must search for the gum using only their mouths. Once a participant finds the gum, she must chew it and blow a bubble. The first one to do so wins. Children will also enjoy variations of classic games. For example, a variation of tag is Freeze Tag, which requires nothing but an area with plenty of room, such as a field or yard. The player who is "it" must tag the other players. Children who are tagged must stand in place until another player touches and frees them. The first child to be tagged twice becomes "it." Once the chaser changes, any children who are frozen may once again move.

Indoor Games for Children

If you wish to entertain at an indoor kids' party, there are plenty of interesting games to choose from. It is no secret that kids like candy, which is why the Candy Game is sure to be a hit. Pour a large amount of multicolored candies into a bowl, and invite the children to take as many as they like. Pick a color and associate that color with a specific question. For example, red candies would require an answer about the child's favorite television show. The child must then give an answer for each red candy she has. Once she has answered the questions, she may eat the red candies. Follow this pattern until all the colors have been addressed. Two Truths and a Lie is another easy game to play, since it requires no items. Group the children in a circle, and have each child make three statements. Two statements should be true, and one should be false. The other children should guess which statement is the lie. Proceed around the circle until each participant has a turn to make the three statements.

Adult Games

If your guests are particularly adventurous, the Eggs and Bacon Challenge can be as outrageous as it is unpredictable. You will need a bowl of chocolate cream eggs, bacon crisps and water to wash down the taste. Have one person host the game and call "eggs and bacon!" at regular intervals. Each participant must then eat one egg and one crisp. The person who eats the most is the winner. Mobile Phone Race"is a luck-of-the-draw game. The group must pick a host, who will give out his cellular phone number. Players should then simultaneously try to call him with their phones. The first person's call he answers wins a prize. Participants without cell phones can share phones with others with phones or can use the land line.

Drinking Games

Drinking games can liven up parties where alcohol is served. If certain people do not wish to drink, any beverage will do. I Have Never is an easy game to play, and it can help players get to know each other or simply reveal outrageous facts about them. Each person should take a turn saying "I have never" followed by an activity that he has not tried. Statements can be about things like eating exotic foods, participating in daring activities or doing anything else that others may not have done. Anyone who has actually participated in the stated activity must take a sip of his drink. If nobody drinks, the person who says "I have never" must take a drink. Battle Shots is a twist on the board game Battleship. Create a makeshift game board using pieces of cardboard. Draw horizontal and vertical lines to form a grid. At the top of the board, mark the vertical columns with letters; on the side, mark the horizontal columns with numbers. This grid will allow each player to call out coordinates, such as A-5 or E-7. Place full shot glasses on certain coordinates. Every time the other player lands a "hit" on your glass, drink the contents. Again, alcohol does not necessarily need to be used.

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