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3-D Archery Shoots in New York

Three-dimensional archery shoots are a great way to hone your aim before going out in the woods or a fun means of enjoying some healthy competition with other bowhunting enthusiasts. The state of New York provides ample opportunities for those looking to let the arrows fly, even in urban, indoor areas. Many sportsmen clubs also offer league shoots.

3-D Archery in South Carolina

Three-dimensional archery is where life-sized animal shapes are used as targets. There are plenty of 3-D archery sites in South Carolina, and people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy this fun sport. The South Carolina Archery Association has affiliate clubs throughout the state, and most have 3-D archery. It is set up in fields, woods or even indoor ranges. Most shoots have unmarked yardage where you have to guess how far away the target is before shooting.

4-Stroke Vs. 2-Stroke Dirt Bikes

Two-stroke engines are the simplest of internal combustion designs, simply possessing a combustion stroke and an exhaust stroke. The four-stroke engine has four-strokes and uses valves, in conjunction with pistons, during their four-stroke cycle. Up until the late 1990s, the four-stroke engine exclusively powered trail bikes, while two-stroke engines and their zippy powerbands were the engine of choice for motocross riders. Cannondale, a bicycle company, entered the market in the late 1990s and started pushing the four-stroke engine for motocross bikes and started the debate over the pros and cons of each engine style.

5th Wheel Camping in New England

The mountains and rural areas of New England draw 5th wheel and motor home campers throughout the summer and fall. The region experiences cold winters, so the camping season begins as the snow melts and the leaves return to the trees. Camping is available on private and public lands with options for amenity-rich campgrounds or more primitive parking spaces.

Accommodations Near Grand Teton National Park

Breathtaking scenery, world-class fly fishing, and a variety of other outdoor activities draw visitors from around the world to Grand Teton National Park. While camping options abound in and around the park, for those not quite ready to rough it, there are also plenty of other lodging options as well. While accommodations in the park are only open during the summer season, year-round lodging options can be found just outside the park's entrances.

Adult Rock Climbing in Houston, Texas

Rock climbing is an intense sport that helps to bring people together through trust and leadership. For adults, this can prove to be an effective tool for professional team-building, but it can also be a fun night out. Adult climbers in the Houston area have several options in the way of rock climbing, which allows them to have fun without the kids.

The Advantages of a Heavy Longboard

Longboards are a type of surfboard and skateboard that are much longer than the traditional board. Longboard surfboards measure 9 feet or more in length, while longboard skateboards measure up to 5 feet but can vary in size. Both longboard skateboards and surfboards have advantages over smaller versions. Knowing the advantages of longboards makes choosing the right one easier based on your needs and experience level.

Adventure Cycling in Massachusetts

Adventure bicycling is when bicyclists travel on scenic highways, across natural areas and through major cities. The bicycle is more than just a means of transportation -- it becomes the adventure itself. The state of Massachusetts, with historic small towns, big cities and miles of scenic countryside, has plenty to offer.

Advice for Walking a Feisty Horse

Every horse has its own unique personality. Some are laid-back and easygoing, while others are high-spirited and feisty. If your horse falls into the second category, even simple things like leading it in from the pasture can become a real challenge. Walking a fast-moving and spirited horse can be difficult, but consistent training and discipline can make a big difference.

How to Air in BMX

If you have been riding your BMX bike for a while and are comfortable with flatland tricks, you are probably ready to hit a small ramp or bowl and start learning airs. Getting air is the basic component to almost every BMX trick, and you will need to learn to manage ramps and your bike to get consistent and controllable airs. Learning to air in BMX is just like learning a trick in any other sport -- you will need to put in the time and work to learn the action if you want to succeed.

How to Air Out on a BMX Bike

Airing out a BMX, also known as catching air, is a skill that you can use to impress your fellow bikers and friends as you fling yourself skywards from the quarter pipe. Once you have mastered the basics of airing out it won't be long before you are trying to catch bigger air.

Luxury Skiing in Vermont

The state of Vermont attracts skiers of all types, including those who prefer cabins and travelers who like quaint New England bed and breakfasts. But Vermont is also home to an upper echelon of ski resorts that cater to people who enjoy a taste of luxury while hitting the slopes.

How to Airbrush Bike Frames

The appearance of your bike frame says a lot about you as a rider. An off-the-shelf paint job just doesn't present the same image to those admiring the bike, as does a custom paint job, airbrushed on smoothly without a single scrape or scratch. While the custom paint isn't likely to last untouched through the first few spills, its still a great way to present your bike, and not at all difficult to apply. With an airbrush you can create everything from single or dual tones to extensive patterns or designs, letting your imagination be your guide while creating a look that's all your own, at least until the next big spill.

Airport Hotels That Include Parking in Toronto

Several hotels near the Toronto Pearson International Airport offer complimentary parking when you spend a night on the departure or arrival day of your trip. In many cases, this may be more cost-effective than paying a daily rate at the airport lot; these hotels also give you added convenience when you are traveling in the wee hours or during rush hour.

Airport Hotels With Parking in Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester Boston Regional Airport caters to those traveling to the areas north of Boston, including ski resorts and business destinations, so local hotels welcome both business travelers and families alike. Several hotels near the regional airport offer convenient packages that offer complimentary parking with a minimum of one night's stay, as well as transportation to and from the airport by shuttle.

Airport Hotels & Parking in Orlando, Florida

Orlando International Airport ranks as 30th busiest airport in the world. Some nearby hotels offer park-and-fly packages, in which you receive one night's stay and parking for the duration of your trip. Packages may vary by season, particularly in regard to the number of nights’ parking that is included, although most park-and-fly hotels allow you to pay a nominal fee per night for additional parking.

How to Get Into Amateur Dirt Bike Racing

Amateur dirt bike racing is an excellent way for the beginning racer to experience the thrills of competition without having to compete with professional riders on factory supported bikes. As an amateur racer you can compete and win with a motorcycle that is completely stock. Then, as your skill and amateur ranking improves, you can compete at progressively more challenging competitions, ultimately moving into a semi-pro or pro classification.

American Skeet Rules

American skeet is a popular wing-shooting sport that involves shooting at clay discs, also known as clay pigeons, using a shotgun. The game originated as a way to practice wing-shooting skills for hunting but quickly grew into a competitive sport of its own. American skeet differs only slightly from Olympic skeet, the variation played at the Olympic games.

Annapolis, MD, Lodging

As a historic port on the Chesapeake Bay, the state capital of Maryland and the home of the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis is a magnet for tourists and business travelers alike. While some of the city's most charming lodgings are found within the red brick confines of its historic district, other worthy hotels and bed and breakfasts can be found in the adjoining neighborhoods that are or almost are as conveniently placed.