Outdoor Hunting Wedding Ideas

by Kristen Marquette

When planning a wedding, pick a personal theme that is dear to both you and your fiancé. If you both love the outdoors and hunting, hold a hunting-themed wedding in the great outdoors. Let the nature and wildlife around you as well as the tools of hunting inspire you.


Not any old outdoor wedding venue will suit a hunting-themed wedding. You need a setting that truly embraces nature such as an open field, campground, a tree clearing, or heavily wooded park. Cold, rainy or snowy weather can wreck outdoor wedding plans so choose a location that gives you a plan B option. Plan B options include a nearby log cabin or rustic lodge or a place you can pitch a tent. Go with a traditional white wedding tent or a camouflage wedding.


Show your passion for hunting by dressing your bridal party in hunting gear. You can do this in different ways. The bride may still want to wear a white dress but sport a camouflage sash or hunting boots. Or she can find a camouflage wedding dress online. Dress the bridesmaids in camouflage dresses or nature-inspired colors such as green, brown or blue. The groom can don a traditional tuxedo with an orange hunting vest underneath or he can go for the full-out camouflage tuxedo or suit. Put the groomsmen in attire that matches the groom.


While the outdoors will provide you with plenty of natural decor, you still want to add your own wedding decorations to personalize the occasion. Construct an arch to get married under out of camouflage netting, or decorate a trellis with wildflowers. Attach ribbons to clusters of pine cones and hang them on the guest chairs. Lay camouflage tablecloths over the tables. Use camping lanterns or antlers with greenery as table centerpieces at the wedding reception.


Hold a barbecue for your outdoor wedding reception. Grill hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken breasts, steaks or venison as the entree. Serve baked potatoes, corn on the cob, potato chips and pretzels as side dishes. Replace the traditional wine and champagne with beer, even a keg if you'd like. Put out trail mix and beef jerky for your guests to snack on. Decorate your wedding cake with colored leaves and use deer figurines as a cake topper. For a late night snack, start a bonfire and make s'mores.

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