Outdoor Bonfire Party Games for a 15th Birthday

by Krystal Miller
Teens can have a s'more contest then eat their entries.

Teens can have a s'more contest then eat their entries.

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When planning an outdoor bonfire birthday party for a 15-year-old, keep the party guests busy with games planned throughout the night. Most teens might think games are too childish, but planning the right party games will get the teenagers involved in the party and having a great time. Entice the teens by awarding gift cards and small electronics to game winners.

Memory Games

As the teens sit around the bonfire, select one teen to go first. She must say "I am going to a bonfire and I am going to take _____." If she says "marshmallows," the next player in the circle must say "I am going to a bonfire and I am going to take marshmallows and _____." Each player must repeat each item mentioned and add her own. If a player messes the order up or cannot remember an item, she is out of the game. The last player who remembers all the items in the correct order wins the game. For variations, teens can say games they want to play at a bonfire or list popular stars they want to come to the bonfire.

Sport Games

Create a variety of sport games for the teens to play. Erect a volleyball net between two trees or poles. Divide the players into two teams and have them play a game of volleyball. For a variation, the teens can use water balloons and beach towels during the summer to play water balloon volleyball. Players must toss the water balloon and catch the water balloon using only the beach towels. Other sport games the teens can play include flag football, Frisbee toss and badminton.

Food Contests

Host a hot dog-decorating contest for the teens. The teens can roast their own hot dogs and use condiments to decorate. The teens can compete individually or in teams. Award a prize to the best, most creative and scariest looking hot dogs. Do the same competition with s'mores and give the teens chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows.

Night Games

Have the teens participate in a flashlight hunt. Hide several pennies around the play area and give each teen a flashlight. The teen who can find the most pennies wins the game. For a variation, have the teens hunt for the pennies in teams and give each team a flashlight. The teens can also play a game of flashlight tag by selecting one player to be "it." The "it" player must count to 100 while the other players hide. The first player "it" spots with the flashlight is the "it" player for the next round.

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