Outdoor Birthday Party Games for All Ages

by Jen Kim

"Games before presents" is the general rule for most children's parties.

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No outdoor birthday party is complete without a series of entertaining, crazy and challenging games to wear all the children out just in time to sing "Happy Birthday." These simple outdoor activities are stress- and hassle-free, and also a way for kids of all ages to practice teamwork, show off their athletic prowess and engage in some messy laughs.

Pingpong Blow

Put that old dusty pingpong table to some use -- finally. Clean the table and remove the net divider. Break the guests into two equal numbered groups -- the more kids the better. Have each group choose a side of the table. Place a pingpong ball in the middle of the table and have both sides blow as hard as they can to push the ball to the opposite side. The winning team gets a prize.

Egg Drop Race Relay

The egg drop game is an outdoor must, as it can get quite messy, especially with rambunctious high-energy kids. Divide the guests into small groups. Set up different stations in the yard at which a different team member of each group is waiting. Give each starter a metal spoon and a raw egg. On "Go," each starter must balance the egg on the spoon and walk the egg over to his teammate. If the egg drops, the team must start all over from the starter. The first team to successfully get the egg across the finish line is the winner.

Blindman's Buff

Play this classic children's game when you want to tire the kids out -- pronto. Set the game perimeter in your backyard. Anyone who leaves the boundary is immediately disqualified or becomes the "blindman." Blindfold the blindman using a eye mask or a scarf. All the other kids are instructed to run or move around within the perimeter until the "blindman" calls "stop." The kids must freeze in place, although leaning is permitted, as long as they do not move their feet. The "blindman" then has a few seconds to walk around trying to tag someone. If he succeeds, the tagged person becomes the "blindman."


Whether you are adult or a child, limbo is a game that is always great for laughs and some good old-fashioned stretching. Have two volunteers hold onto both ends of a pole, a long broomstick or a length of rope. Raise the bar to about shoulder length. All the guests get in a line and must try to limbo under the stick without falling. After each round, lower the bar a few inches. The last one remaining is the winner. This game is best when accompanied with music.

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