How to Find Out Your Compatibilities With Horoscope Signs

by Dave Stanley
Finding astrological compatibility with others can make relationships easier.

Finding astrological compatibility with others can make relationships easier.

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If you have studied astrology at all, or even taken a glance at it, you have probably seen that some horoscope signs work better together than others. There are exceptions, of course, as evidenced by those who are on the cusp, but as a rule, the guidelines are helpful to know. There is much more to study, however, than a bare-bones, generalized list of what signs go well with each other. Birth charts, the nature of the relationship and what you are looking for all come into play.

Step 1

Study the basics of the signs. All have a few broad, distinguishing characteristics. You do not have to be an astrological expert to know what works well and what does not when it comes to compatibility. For example, Cancers are emotional, introspective types who do not usually get along with Libras, who often speak their mind and adopt a more pragmatic approach to things.

Step 2

Delve deeper into the signs and what they mean. This involves learning the details, such as ruling planets and what element dominates the sign. A good place to start would be to get your own birth chart, which provides a specific astrological profile tailored to you.

Step 3

Familiarize yourself with the exceptions, such as what being born on the cusp means. If your birthday is close to the beginning or end of a particular sign, then you might embody characteristics of both signs. For instance, if your sign is not compatible with another as a rule, there might be some wiggle room if you are on the cusp and the sign that you are close to is compatible.

Step 4

Learn the sign of those with whom you are curious about being compatible, if you already have your eye on someone. This includes more than romantic relationships. Coworkers, family members and friends are all fair game. If possible, learn their birth charts and get as many details as possible.

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