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6 Components of Drama

Born in 384 B.C. in Greece, Aristotle studied under the philosopher and mathematician Plato, tutored a young Alexander the Great, and greatly contributed to science and philosophy until his death in 322 B.C. In 350 B.C., Aristotle wrote "Poetics." In this treatise, he analyzed the classical Greek tragedy, "Oedipus Rex" by Sophocles, and developed the six elements of drama.

"Alice in Wonderland" Plot Synopsis

Lewis Carroll wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, also known as Alice in Wonderland, in 1865. Since then it has continued to grow in popularity, being retold as animated and live-action movies. In 2010, Tim Burton directed an updated version of the classic story, starring Mia Wasikowska as Alice and Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

Anatomy of the Game "Jeopardy"

Since its revival in September 1984, "Jeopardy!" has become a hallmark of American pop culture. Knowledgeable people are told they should go on "Jeopardy!," the "Think" music has become synonymous with decision-making and Alex Trebek is perhaps one of the most recognizable and beloved game show hosts in television history. The show is so ubiquitous, it is often assumed everyone knows its structure, but of course this is not true. "Jeopardy!" may be a game of questions, but there are answers for the stumped.

"Anne Frank Remembered" Summary

"Anne Frank Remembered" is a documentary released in 1995 in the United States. The film, and its director Jon Blair, won an Academy Award for Best Features Documentary and a handful of other awards. The movie is rated PG, runs 122 minutes, and is available for purchase or home rental. It grossed $1.31 million in limited release in the United States.

How to Become an Audience Member of a CBS TV Show

Throughout the decades, television programming has allowed audiences to witness, and even participate, in the taping process. "Filmed before a live studio audience," became a familiar refrain for many TV shows, and this tradition remains strong both for game shows and for network sitcoms. Score some tickets to your favorite CBS show by going straight to the source or taking advantage of ticket outlet services.

Bluezette Nightclub in Philadelphia

Bluezette was a southern-themed restaurant and bar that was located at 246 Market Street in Philadelphia in an area known as Old Town. It was in operation from 2000 to 2006. Located in a building with distinctive architecture, the restaurant boasted an ambitious and unique menu that helped bring renown to the owner, Delilah Winder.

Synopsis of the "Samson and Delilah" Opera

Camille Saint-Saëns' opera, "Samson and Delilah," is based on the biblical story of Samson, the mighty Hebrew warrior whose strength came from his long hair. Whereas the story from the Book of Judges focused on Samson's strength and feats of martial prowess, the opera focuses on the character of the girl who brought him down: Delilah.

Brief Synopsis of "Salt of the Earth"

The communist witch hunt of the late 1940s and 1950s led to the Hollywood Blacklist, which kept writers, actors and directors accused of communist sympathizing from plying their trade. Some worked under false names, and others found work in foreign countries. Three victims of the blacklist used the freedom they found in Mexico to make "Salt of the Earth," a movie based on a real strike by zinc miners. The film cast mostly non-professionals, including some who'd taken took part in the actual strike. This rousing revolutionary call to arms had practically no distribution in the United States.

The Buzz Nightclub in Phoenix

The Buzz Nightclub (no website; 10345 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale) was a popular spot for the over-18 crowd in the Phoenix, Arizona area. The two-story bustling Buzz provided a place for underage dancers and partiers to go for nearly 13 years before closing in September 2009.

The Character of Alexa in "50 First Dates"

In "50 First Dates," Drew Barrymore plays Lucy, a woman who has lost her ability to form short-term memories. Adam Sandler plays Henry Roth, a womanizer who falls in love with Lucy and is determined to woo her, despite her infirmity. The supporting cast includes a range of comedic actors, including Lusia Strus, who plays Alexa.

The Character of Batman in "The Dark Knight"

While most superheros have supernatural powers, Batman fights crime with only his strength, wits and obsession with justice. In 2008's "The Dark Knight," writer/director Christopher Nolan takes Batman back to his dark roots as a good-intentioned, though complex and deeply troubled person; exactly the sort of hero his equally troubled Gotham City needs.

A Character Description of Erin Brockovich

The film "Erin Brockovich" stars Julia Roberts as a single mom and file clerk in a small law office. After finding a file outlining a curious case involving medical records and a major gas and electric company, she successfully researches and builds a multimillion dollar case on behalf of community residents who suffered from grave illness stemming from industrial contamination. The character of Erin Brockovich, based on a real woman of the same name, has many defining traits.

Character Description of "Little Orphan Annie"

Little Orphan Annie was introduced to Americans as a comic strip character created by Harold Gray, running in the newspaper funny pages from 1924 until 2010. The character became the basis for a Broadway musical, and a 1982 hit movie starring Aileen Quinn as Annie. Annie's character was shaped largely by Gray's disapproval of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Character Description for the Movie "The Patriot"

Compelling characters make even mediocre movies memorable. Set in South Carolina, "The Patriot" depicts the American Revolution as it was fought in the southern colonies. Though the film uses many important supporting characters including love interests, family members and various military personnel, the story of "The Patriot" is driven by the interactions, alliances and conflicts of four major characters: Benjamin Martin, Gabriel Martin, British Colonel William Tavington and General Charles Cornwallis.

Character Descriptions from "Curtains," the Broadway Musical

"Curtains" was a popular musical on Broadway in New York City. The story is a backstage murder mystery set in 1959 Boston. The star actress of "Robbin' Hood of the Old West" is murdered during opening night, and a police detective who loves the theater tries to solve the case and save the show.

Character Descriptions from "The Magic Flute"

"The Magic Flute" ("Die Zauberflote"), one of the world's most famous operas, was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1791 and enjoyed immediate success. Influenced heavily by the Enlightenment, the story is about a prince who, aided by a magic flute, is charged with saving a princess from captivity.

Character Information on the Green Goblin From Spiderman

There are few villains in the Spider-Man universe who have had as much of an impact as has Norman Osborn, AKA the "Green Goblin." From the beginning, Norman has been Peter Parker's most challenging nemesis. Brilliant, insane, absurdly wealthy and possessing knowledge of Spider-Man's true identity, Osborn is one of Peter's most powerful foes, and one who keeps coming back despite numerous death scenes and imprisonments.

Characteristics of a Soap Opera

The soap opera is a staple of daytime television. They tell the stories of the day-to-day interactions and relationships of several characters. Producers originally designed soap operas for homemakers, but they now enjoy viewership among a wide demographic. For many people, keeping up with the goings-on of their favorite soap characters is a daily duty.

Facts About the Characters on Comedy Central's "South Park"

"South Park" is an animated television series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The show debuted on Comedy Central in 1997 and, as of 2011, the network is still airing new episodes. The show is intended for mature audiences since much of its humor is crude and dark, but that hasn't prevented many of the show's characters from becoming well-known parts of pop culture.