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Airplane Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers are, by nature, a fun event. You can make a bay shower you're hosting more memorable by taking time to personalize the theme. Airplane-themed baby showers are perfect for traveling parents, parents with airplane hobbies or ambitions of having a pilot in the family. Use your imagination to take your guests on a flight of fancy.

Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower Games

If you are throwing a baby shower for a mother-to-be who adores Lewis Carroll's famous book and the movie adaptions, throw her an "Alice in Wonderland" baby shower. You can incorporate an Alice theme into all aspects of the shower, especially the baby shower games. The "Alice in Wonderland" story offers many ideas for games you can play with your baby shower guests.

Anne Geddes Baby Shower Ideas

Anne Geddes is a photographer who is famous for her adorable photographs depicting infants, who are often dressed up in costumes ranging from a tiny butterfly to a baby in a flowerpot. Her images are iconic and, according to her professional website, Annegeddes.com, have been published in 83 countries These creative images can be seen in books, magazines and on consumer items such as shirts, bags, magnets and paper goods. Let Anne Geddes inspire the theme for your baby shower and use not only her images but her artistic style to create a lovely and memorable shower that any mother-to-be will adore.

Anti Prom Ideas

Springtime for high school seniors signifies that prom is just around the corner. However, not all students are interested in spending their or their parents' hard-earned money on a one-night party. If you're looking for an alternative to spending the night listening to piped-in music while awkwardly dancing with your friends under the surveillance of your teachers, consider grabbing a group of friends and creating your own anti-prom party.

Apple Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are used to congratulate a mom-to-be on her pregnancy and as a way of providing needed baby items in the form of gifts. While at the party, guests will talk, eat and play party games with each other. The "Apple of My Eye" and other apple-themed parties ideas are good ways to theme a baby shower. To stay in theme, the mom-to-be will want to set up some party games using apples for the guests to play.

Is it Appropriate to Give Money at a Baby Shower?

Like any other occasion, baby showers were once fraught with strict rules of etiquette. Breaking or even bending a rule could result in the offending party being ostracized, shunned or banned from future events. Today, the rules are much more flexible, with good taste and common sense taking the place of formal codes of conduct. When given tactfully, money can be an appropriate baby shower gift.

Autumn Equinox Celebrations in New Jersey

For many in America, the new year begins in the fall. School starts again, summer vacation is over, and planning begins for a new season. The fall equinox takes place in late September, when it's still warm enough in New Jersey to play outside as the sun sets, but the coming fall chill is in the air. Towns, schools and other groups around the state celebrate the equinox's arrival.

Baby Footprints & Shower Ideas

A baby shower gives you a break from the craziness of pregnancy and celebrates the arrival of a new baby with loved ones. Themes for a baby shower can range from a specific storybook character to an iconic baby item such as a bottle or tiny footprints. Baby footprints make an easy theme because they're appropriate for either gender and images of footprints exist in several mediums.

Baby Shower Bible Games Ideas

Baby showers give women a chance to celebrate the birth of a new baby with gifts, food and good wishes. Playing baby shower games also breaks the tension for guests who may not know each other and brings a sense of fun to the shower as the women try to figure out answers to puzzles, questions and other games. Games with a Bible theme are the perfect addition to a shower for the Christian mother-to-be.

Baby Shower Clothesline Decoration Ideas

Decorating for a baby shower is fun, but it can also be practical. Hanging items from an old-fashioned clothesline makes a cute decoration, but when you hang useful items on it, it can double as a gift for the mother-to-be. Clothesline decor makes an adorable decoration for outside showers as well as indoor venues. Gift the recipient with the entire clothesline once the shower is over.

Baby Shower Collage Game Idea

One of the staples of many baby showers is the games attendees play. These games range from words games to games that require physical activity. At some baby showers, the hostess may decide to play the baby shower collage game using different baby pictures.

Baby Shower Corsage With Artificial Flowers

Corsages are a long-recognized way of honoring someone at a special occasion, and are worn around the wrist or neck or pinned to the lapel area of a shirt or in the hair. They are made from a set of flowers or from a single bloom. Honoring an expectant mother at a baby shower is a perfect occasion for a corsage and can be done using artificial flowers instead of real flowers. Using artificial flowers is beneficial if the wearer has flower allergies or if you would like to preserve the corsage as a keepsake.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas & Instructions

Baby showers are one of the first celebrations a new mother experiences to mark the blessed event of a new child. Decorating for a baby shower calls for items on the walls and tables, as well as party favors. Since party décor can get expensive, decorate with as many reusable items as possible to give the new mom a good start for the new baby boy or girl.

Baby Shower Etiquette: Favors & Themes

Celebrating the impending birth of a child is a joyful and momentous occasion. It is also a time to help the expecting parents with baby items, such as diapers and clothes -- making the first few months of parenthood less stressful. Because of the nature of a baby shower, it is important to follow etiquette guidelines for the favors and party theme, so as not to offend the guest of honor or take away from what the celebration is about.

Baby Shower Game Involving Naming Celebrity Parents and Their Children

Baby showers are a fun and important experience for an expectant mom. Thoughtful planning and memorable games help to make the experience successful. The right baby shower games help encourage guests to feel at ease, talking, laughing and getting to know one another while helping to create a comfortable and fun atmosphere.

Baby Shower Games for Dads and Moms

Baby showers come in all sizes and themes. While the majority of games are played for guests' enjoyment, there are also games that focus on the new dad and mom and their interaction with each other and fellow parents. These games combine fun and socializing with informative tips that can help the couple raise their future child.

Baby Shower Games for Fathers-to-Be

A baby shower is a celebration of new life that centers around the mommy-to-be, with an invite of her closest family and friends. This celebration often includes finger foods, fellowship, bathroom breaks and games. Historically, baby showers were strictly women only; however, more and more women are deciding to include the father-to-be and create a co-ed theme. To keep everyone happy and have a good time, you should incorporate some father-to-be games. These amusing baby shower games are an interesting and exciting way to bring daddy in on the celebration.

Baby Shower Games Ideas for Boys

Your baby shower celebrates the upcoming arrival of your new baby boy and your transition to motherhood with close friends and family. You know you're having a boy, so decorations and color schemes are easy, but the game aspect of a baby shower is challenging since many of the classic shower games include both sexes. Maximize the festivities and game time by playing specifically boy-themed games.

Baby Shower Games for Males & Females

A baby shower is a time to celebrate the expected arrival of a new child with the mother- and father-to-be. Baby showers don't have to be female-oriented; men can attend baby showers and have an enjoyable time playing games intended for both male and female players.