Origami Projects to Make for Friends

by Kristen Marquette
Attach string to your origami creations and turn them into ornaments.

Attach string to your origami creations and turn them into ornaments.

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Buying presents for friends every birthday, holiday and special occasion can get expensive. When living on a budget, save money by making gifts for friends. Origami only requires the purchase of paper. Look up free directions online or check an origami book out of the library. Friends will appreciate the time you put into the gift as well as the gift itself.

Origami Flowers

As a congratulations, get well or birthday present, give a friend a single origami flower or put together a bouquet of origami flowers for her. Fold roses, tulips, lilies, daisies, bell flowers, sunflowers or lotus blooms. Choose realistic colors when selecting your origami paper or the recipient's favorite color. Get creative and fold patterned paper into flowers so you have polka-dotted roses, stripped tulips and daisies with little pictures of daisies on them. There are origami flower instructions for all levels of expertise.

Origami Wreaths

Make an origami wreath that a friend can hang on a door or over a fireplace. If you're a novice, choose a simple, flat wreath project. Experienced origami folders can make an intricate, three-dimensional wreath. Use red and green paper for a Christmas wreath; red and pink for Valentine's day; pastel colors for Easter; red, white and blue for the Fourth of July; or black and orange paper for a Halloween wealth. Adorn the wreath with other origami creations such as hearts, stars or bells.

Origami Money Projects

Money origami is designed to the specifications of a dollar bill. Instead of buying colored or patterned paper, fold a dollar bill into an origami gift. Simple projects include an origami dollar ring, arrow, T-shirt and F-14 fighter plane. More complex designs such as an origami shark, camera or stegosaurus may require the use of two or more dollar bills. However, a two or three dollar gift is still inexpensive and may even costs less than some scrapbook paper.

Origami Picture Frames

Give your friend an origami gift that is decorative as well as useful. Fold a piece of paper into an origami picture frame. Make a large frame that she can display in her home or a small frame she can keep in her purse. Turn the origami frame into a magnet by affixing magnetic tape onto the back of the frame. Put a cherished picture of you and your friend in the frame or leave the frame blank so she can choose her own picture.

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